File 58 – Bucharest, Romania – International Spotlight Festival 23\25 April 2015

Spotlight Festival 9

Blue Rays

Spotlight Festival 2

Light Cloud

Spotlight Festival 4

Light Forest

Spotlight Festival 7

Odeon Theater

Spotlight Festival 8

Spotlight Rotary

Spotlight Festival 3

C. E. C. Building

Spotlight Festival 5

Army House

Spotlight Festival 6

Lights And Shadows

Spotlight Festival 1

University Carol I



12 thoughts on “File 58 – Bucharest, Romania – International Spotlight Festival 23\25 April 2015

    • Thanks so much for your appreciation, Mr. Fermin! For three nights, the center of Bucharest was a paradise of light and color. There were hundreds of photographers from all over Europe. I’ve never seen so many photographers in one place! It was a special event for those who love night photography. It was magical!!!

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  1. It would be great to have possibility to see, live, such a feeria. For now “los dioses” of nightlight, were in Bucharest and return here, after a year. Maybe you come to Bucharest!?

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    • Indeed Dalo, it was great! For three nights, center of Bucharest was more spectacular than Las Vegas. My only regret is that i didn’t had a brighter lens, more adapted for shooting in low light. I used a “all around” Nikon 18-300mm AF-S DX Nikkor f/3.5-5.6G ED VR, who has done a good job but not perfect. On the original pictures can see a little image noise. The sensor with 24 megapixel from Nikon D5300, which i used as “body”, needed a more lighting lens, for perfect night shoots. It was the first time when the festival was organizated in Bucharest and had great success. There were visitors and especially photography enthusiasts from all over Europe. I hope to be back in next year, this magic festival, and then i’ll be better prepared for night photography. Usually, we, who are passionate about photography, are trying to show the reality, more beautiful than she is. In this case, the reality was more spectacular than i could to present, in my few pictures. Thank you for appreciation! To me are special, because you are a “professional” photograph. Finally, please to excuse my english, wich is not very perfect, but i hope you understand what i wrote here, and not laugh about how my english sounds. Maybe, if you should write in romanian language, it sounds same funny! 😀
      P.S. I waitig with interest your next posting!!!


      • Ha, I am far from a professional – but definitely do enjoy my photography. Understand you perfectly, and you caught the beauty and celebration of the night. Night shooting is one of my favorite things, and the biggest differences I found in night shooting was when I purchased a f/2.8 lens (versus my normal f/4 I always shot with). A big difference, as that little bit quicker lens works wonders. Cheers – my next post is a ways off, as I am stuck working for the next few weeks!

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      • A few weeks means lot of time Dalo! Take care do not rust your photo equipment! 😀
        I will wait with chinese patiently!


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