File 59 – Extreme Emotions – Fear



6 thoughts on “File 59 – Extreme Emotions – Fear

    • It was great and felt safe in its natural environment. When i approached did not try to flee. As seen in the picture, he turned to me, preparing for battle. I was an intruder in his environment and showed me very clearly that he is the master of there. Adrenaline and ancestral fear, invaded my brain, and every molecule of my body, telling me to run away. Something from tension of the moment remained imprinted in this only photo, that i did it, before running from there. The King won the battle, and still remained, master of Lake Snagov. I do not know if i will meet him (i hope not), but i will not forget the courage to defend his kingdom. Finally, i greeting you Agnes, from distant lands of East European, thank you for follow my blog, and i’am glad for this blogosphere where, very different people from very different places, can share pictures, words, emotions.

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      • Following you is a gift
        At every picture I feel welcome but this one is so vibrant
        The fear is there as well as the tension
        There is perfection in creature like this and that is probably part of the fear.
        Thank you to elaborate about these primal feelings you had during this unique encounter. Many snakes where I live and I had a close and unfriendly vision of a brown snake few years back. I should have been more afraid and I was pushed away by a friend much wiser than I was.
        Beautiful animals.

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    • Thank you very much Mister Edward! The picture is sharp, thanks to the image stabilization system of the camera. For me it was a tense situation (when i approached, “The Monster” did not flee, but turned to me), and because of fear, my hands shaking.


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