File 72 – Dresden, Germany – Theaterplatz

Dresden Theaterplatz


9 thoughts on “File 72 – Dresden, Germany – Theaterplatz

    • Hello Agnes! As usual, your eye sees what must be seen! I’ll make a confession; when i made this picture, i had in mind a symbolic washing for walls of Dresden, who have even now blackness tragedy of 13 to 14 February 1945. Then held here a great tragedy for humanity. The Germans have rebuilt the city. Dresden means now education, culture, art, science, but the wounds of the war are still present. I never saw a such blackened city. It seems that the gods of war are still there. To me your feedback means a lot, because they come from a person with very high artistic sense, from end of the world.
      P.S. I am delighted that from time to time, write your posts in french language. I feel like you’re closer to Europe!!!

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      • Wars are useless
        If they had a purpose we would never repeat them.
        I am close to Europe in a love hate relationship so deep and unruly.
        I am close to you by sights. Images guide both of us.
        I always enjoy your blog.
        Thank you for providing quality pictures and thoughts to us followers.

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      • Unfortunately, wars repeated Agnes! You’re lucky because you are in a quiet part of the world (end of the world). I live very close to a war in progress (i mean the ukrainian conflict). From Bucharest to Odessa (conflict zone) are just 550 kilometers and from Iasi (nearest romanian town from the conflict zone) in Odessa is just 330 kilometers. These distances can be covered by car in a few hours and by plane in minutes. If now I’d get in my car and i turn in that direction, in a few hours i could become a war reporter, and you could see on my blog something unimaginable for the 21st Century. Of course i shold to dinner there. Menu are simple, bullets and bombs. ๐Ÿ˜€ My country is now like a colony, where get increasingly more weapons and nobody asks us, if we want this. History tells us, that the last two world wars began in Eastern Europe (Yugoslavia and Poland). If we have third world war, then is not hard to guess where will begin. I am very “happy” that i live in “center of the world”, Agnes!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ The subject is a little unpleasant, but i wanted to know what is situation in my part of Europe. Hopefully that will not happen anything bad and that we can still enjoy to this blogosphere, with wonderful people.

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