File 79 – Naples, Italy – Il Vesuvio

Il Vesuvio 1 Il Vesuvio 2 Il Vesuvio 3 Il Vesuvio 4 Il Vesuvio 5 Il Vesuvio 6 Il Vesuvio 7


14 thoughts on “File 79 – Naples, Italy – Il Vesuvio

    • Well come to my little photoblog, Mister Jose! Your presence here is a great honor for me. I congratulate for remarkable career as a writer and regret that i do not know spanish language for can to read some of what you wrote. Besides my passion for photography, i’m passionate for literature, and i have another blog where i write poetry. I hope you find in my little virtual photo exposition, images that you enjoy and that to merit your time. I send cordial greetings from Romania and i wish you inspiration for writing career!

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    • In this case, the lens from Sony has shown power. These photos, i have obtained with great difficulty because they were taken from a boat that moves strongly in the waves of the Gulf Naples. I had to take hundreds of photos and i chose just a few clear pictures. I’m glad that you liked this post and i’m glad because this post brought me a special follower. It is Mister Jose Angel Ordiz, which seems to be an important writer in Spain. If you have time and pleasure, you can make a visit to his blog and you will understand better than me what it is (tell me, spanish is your native language, or aymara?). For the area where you live, volcanoes have great importance. For me, volcano, is an exotic notion, because Eastern Europe don’t have active volcanoes (in Romania we have big problems with earthquakes). Vesuvius is closest volcano to me!

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      • Hi Dan! I can notice the use of the zoom, great, power due to the atmospheric perspective the objects while farther then they get bluer. In those moments is the intention of the photographer if wants the blue, in this case it’s quite beautiful, or reduced with a polarizer. I know how hard is to photograph from a boat.
        Aymara should be my native language but the education in my country is just in Spanish so I was forced to speak it. Said that the dialect of Spain is sometimes hard to understand because they’ve a different culture and codes, our Spanish is mixed with Quechua and Aymara. For example the books I understand them better reading in their native English than the ones translated in Spain; Mexico or Argentina are closer to us in reference to language. I see your follower has wrote books in Spain and has a direct and precise way to write. Congratulations (y)
        Thanks for these powerful portraits of Vesuvius!

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