File 87 – Pisa, Italy – Campo Dei Miracoli

Campo Dei Miracoli


4 thoughts on “File 87 – Pisa, Italy – Campo Dei Miracoli

  1. Fantastic place, and strange building in the foreground. Its proportions make me doubt to call it a tower, perhaps it was made it that way to endure earthquakes. Nice photograph Dan, the three buildings are well placed in the composition.

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    • It is the Baptistery of Saint John. As you see, it is highly decorated outside, but inside is not decorated at all. Only walls, made of marble. They chose this solution to get a good acoustics, and succeeded. The building has one of the best acoustics in the world. If one man singing inside, sounds as singing a chorus. In the median plane is seen Cathedral Saint Mary Of The Assumption and in the background is the famous Leaning Tower Of Pisa. I will detail in future posts, each of the three construction.

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      • Fantastic! I love the simplicity and dignity of marble. It has to be quite epic to sing there. It’s going to be great to know them through you eyes (y)

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