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    • You know that Bram Stoker, author of “Dracula”, written in 1897, was inspired by Vlad Draculea (Tepes) Wallachian (romanian province) King (1431-1476), who is a real historical character. In reality Vlad Tepes was a brilliant military leader, who used in battles with the Ottoman Empire, psychological intimidation tactics by beheading and torturing prisoners. For this reason, history registered as a bloody character, which was taken later by the english writer. Vlad Tepes proceed in this way to demoralize the invading ottoman army, which was few times great than the wallachian army and could not be defeated in a open military confrontation. For example, in the summer of 1462, the Ottoman Empire attacked Wallachia with an army of 100,000 soldiers, which is the second largest army in the military history of the Ottoman Empire after army wich conquered Constantinopole (1453), now Istanbul. Vlad succeeded to defeat this giant army, just with 30000 soldiers, by a night attack, which remains as a brilliant model in the history of medieval military tactics. With these psychological tactics combined with guerilla warfare, he succeeded during his reign, to hold back the advance of the Ottoman Empire (when it was strongest) to central and western Europe. This delay, helped nations of western europe to mobilize and in 1529, after the Battle of Vienna, to stop forever, expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Europe. Without these historical facts, perhaps today, all of Europe would be speaking turkish language. It might say that Vlad Tepes, with his bloody military tactics, saved Europe. Although the name “Dracula” (it is derived from “drac” wich in romanian language means “Satan” or “Devil”), he was a great defender of european christianity, against offensive of islamic Ottoman Empire. Unfortunately, in modern era, the whole planet knows Dracula, but nobody knows Vlad Draculea (Tepes). Vlad died in 1476, murdered by those around him, who believed as fighting with the Ottoman Empire demand too many sacrifices and wanted to make peace with the Ottomans. His burial place is a historical enigma and there are three hypotheses. One of them says that the tomb of Vlad is at Snagov Monastery (built by him), which is on 5 kilometers from my house (see File 37, on my blog). I told this story as a prize for you, because i think you’re the only citizen from Juliaca, who knows the name of Vlad Draculea and especially, because you tried to write correctly, with diacritics. You were right, Francis! The picture is taken in a place close to the supposed tomb of Vlad. Perhaps the sky was that color, because Vlad shadow watched me from beyond of the clouds! 😀
      P.S. I’m thinking to doing a post with Tiganesti Monastery and using this text, written for you. I would like to know your opinion, if the text is correct in terms of expressing in english language!? It’s a little historic story that could be interesting for others in the blogosphere (thanks Dracula fame) and i want to be written correctly.

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      • Thanks very much for the kind gesture Dan. I’m far to master English language, it’s a bit basic still, I find it correct, and of course I think it would be great to your other readers outside Romania.
        In honor of truth actually I’m not the only one to know Vlad as a patriot, in Argentinian comics there was a series dedicated to the historical man, the games of power, the issues with his brother, the Romanian national identity and the Ottoman powerful forces. A man that had to do what had to do in those times. Also I remember that Europe was a bit responsible about the Ottoman attacks to itself when they weakened the Byzantine Empire, so Vlad’s feat was quite huge. Kind regards,

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