File 92 – Bucharest, Romania – The building where is the headquarters of Architects Union from Romania

Romanian Architects Union 1 Romanian Architects Union 2


9 thoughts on “File 92 – Bucharest, Romania – The building where is the headquarters of Architects Union from Romania

  1. Provocative building. I couldn’t say yet beautiful or not (because that from my point of view is seen using and living it) but certainly intelectually very interesting. The second photograph shows a great work in perspective and scale, it looks like an architectural drawing!

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    • Basic building is a historical monument, built the french renaissance style, around 1880. Initially belonged to a wealthy politician who gather here, all cultural elite of the city. The building was along time, Imperial Austro-Hungarian embassy(1897), the headquarters of Security Service (1947) in the communist regime, and during the Revolution Aticomuniste in 1989, was burned. During this time, the building had historic monument status, and therefore could not be demolished. For reconstruction, has chosen the solution that you see, in 2003. The building is located in the center of Bucharest, and is very controversial. Some say the solution is brilliant, others say it is an architectural crime. I do not know what is your opinion about the building, but i know it has become a tourist attraction of Bucharest. Personally, i am glad that through this solution, the original building was not demolished, keeping such, a small part of the history of Bucharest. Incidentally, i can tell you, that in this building, was read for the first time, many creations of the greatest romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889).

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      • Thanks for the additional data, very interesting. Personally I like that the modern contribution looks actually the work of men of our time and century, but I’ve doubts in call it beautiful (seen just the exterior) because it looks so strange in relation of the old building, even more the old building seems a bit like the carton façades of far west Hollywood movies. But I’m also glad that they would choose to don’t destroy that old piece of history. I search the life in Wikipedia of Mihai Eminescu, I’ll consider him when I see to search books. Thanks (y)

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