File 103 – Ploiesti, Romania – Spring Fairy

Do you think that spring has gone, from Europe? Nooooo! Spring Fairy is trapped! Citizens of Ploiesti, took hostage and they keep to themselves. If next year, the spring will not arrive on time, then we will know who is to blame! 😀


Spring Fairy


7 thoughts on “File 103 – Ploiesti, Romania – Spring Fairy

    • That is true, but what if in their fantasy those two huge pink butterflies descended on her? She is done for, then !! They look large enough to swallow her alive. 😀 Just kidding, beautiful images.. everywhere.. not just this one.

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      • Butterflies, never are not bad! They are always positive characters! Children know this! 😀 Welcome to my blog! It’s impressive that you translated the message from romanian language! I hope in the future, to find here interesting images and i hope to know each other, better!

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      • Surely, I love most of the images. Very nice, I congratulate you. Thanks for welcoming me, too. I am a new blogger. Did not know this world before. I am happy to be here too.

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      • The blogosphere is a magical world, with wonderful and talented people. Space and time do not matter here. What matters is creativity and love of beauty! I wish that your way in this world, to be loooooooong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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