File 108 – Fighter jet MIG 21 LANCER, in air combat demonstration

MIG 21 Lancer 1


MIG 21 Lancer 2


MIG 21 Lancer 3


MIG 21 Lancer 4


MIG 21 Lancer 5


MIG 21 Lancer 6


21 thoughts on “File 108 – Fighter jet MIG 21 LANCER, in air combat demonstration

  1. Beautiful! I am glad to see they are still in service. A very difficult craft to fly (In India, these days they are called the flying coffins because of frequent crashes. But I think it is because of a lack of skill rather than the aircraft itself. Of course, very old, but still one of the finest military jets in history).

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    • It is the first russian jet fighter with specific “soviet delta wing”. Because this type of wing, was the first russian military airplane, capable for combined missions, air hunting and interceptor.


      • Yes, I suppose our first supersonic aircraft too, in India.. but the delta wing, I am not so sure, did the Yakolevs not have them earlier? But then I am not so sure. But let me tell you this.. they had the best in the MiG-25, the NATO code foxbat, the best aircraft ever.. and our cretins here retired those.. the MiG-21 Bis I admit is aging and badly.. our nekultuurny here have made it sound like all those aircraft are bad. Stupid really.
        But I am amazed at your knowledge πŸ˜€
        Thanks for being a friend.

        Poka… πŸ™‚

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      • 1-The design concept “soviet delta wing” is different from “classic delta wing”. 2-And I’m glad i met you! 3-What it means: Poka?


      • In Russian, Poka means bye, informally πŸ™‚ Yes, you are right.. classic and soviet delta wings are different. (Mirages have a different profile I suppose). Thank you, it was most informative.
        I did not know what bye was in Romanian, so assumed it would be similar to the Russian.. ok, Pa… πŸ™‚

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      • πŸ™‚ I will remember that (Although you were Warsaw together hehe). Thank you once again.. shows how little I know … But thank you for telling me, appreciate it..

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  2. They look so powerful! Do you still buy Russian equipment? I ask it because in my country to counterbalance the US influence we use to purchase military equipment mainly from Russia, so in case of war with our neighbors we aren’t so dependent to US interests. I guess if we were close to Russia influence then we would buy from US.

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    • If I may reply πŸ™‚ Not to sound too confident, but Russia stopped sending spares to Romania since 1993. Since then they upgraded their system to take both Nato and Russian armaments. They are tending to buy more of the American systems now. I think these were originally made in Tblisi, but not so sure. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t seen these before. Romania will soon shift to F-16 I think. Not sure.. better ask the man here πŸ™‚ He should know a lot more.

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    • This post is inspired by your last post, and is dedicated to you, Francis! MIG 21 LANCER was manufactured in the period 1959-1990. Romanian Air Forces, have inherited a fleet of MIG fighter jets, which are from the communist period, when Romania was in the Warsaw Pact, together with all communist countries from Eastern Europe. After the “revolution anticommunist” in 1989, Romania became a member of NATO. That generated high costs because it was needed to be changed all military equipment to be compatible with NATO (USA) army. At this moment the Romanian Air Forces uses fighter jet F16. Flotilla of MIG, is used only for recognition activities, or demonstration. MIG 21 LANCER it is famous in the world of combat aircraft due to a design mistake, make by Artem Mikoyan. If consume more than two-thirds of the total amount of fuel, the plane tilts back and becomes uncontrollable. This malfunction could not be rectified never, and it was the main cause of crash, for this aircraft type.

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      • Amazing, I’m happy and honored to have inspired such a extraordinary post.
        I like the designs coming from Mikoyan, what a pity with that error in the vital design. I guess for security they’re going to be soon museum pieces. Thanks!

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  3. And if I may add, I had never seen the twin-seater configuration, so was a little confused when I saw the pictures. Maybe I am wrong, but slightly different profile. πŸ™‚ Just the front intake looks very similar.

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    • Tejaswi Hello! India did not operate with MIG 21 Lancer, manufactured in Russia. India bought the license and made their MIG 21 Lancer (657 planes). This explains the differences in shape and greater percentage of accidents. Romania has russian MIG and are still functional!

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      • Close to 1200 actually πŸ™‚ but yes, manufactured under license.. but the accident part is not merely the aircraft shape or anything. It was flown for so many decades now without any accident, now suddenly we see more of them. I think it is poor training and the poor quality of trainees. LanceR is a beautiful plane and I think you did the right thing by not getting blackmailed for parts and going in for indigenous replacements and modifications. Too bad that era will soon get over with the F-16s coming in from Portugal.

        Ha, how we talk about these things! Like little children still talking about Commando comics and the wars and guns and weapons πŸ˜€ Still, something we share with the rest of the guys.. the girls would sniff at this sort of discussion. My wife hates me when I talk of this.


    • Jet fighter flying with supersonic speed, through explosions and air missiles. Indeed it is a rare opportunity for a photographer. My luck is that i live at 20 kilometers from Otopeni International Airport (the largest airport from Romania), where it organizes various aeronautical events. Do not forget to working for your next post, because i send fighter jet MIG 21 LANCER to punish you! πŸ˜€


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