File 120 – Konopiste Castle, Czech Republic

The castle was built in 1280, by Bishop Tobias of Prague, in French style. From 1887, the castle was the residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, of Austria. In early June 1914, he invited German Emperor William II, in the castle and discussed about the political situation in Romania and Serbia. They planned a simultaneous attack on Serbia. Serbians heard about the attack plan, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand it was assassinated, during a visit to Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, event that led to the beginning of the First World War. I would say that Konopiste Castle, is the birthplace of First World War, because the plan to attack Serbia was discussed here for first time. In the museum inside of castle, the bullet that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand is displayed! For me, it was shocking to see that an object so small, could cause one of the greatest catastrophes in human history.


Konopiste Castle


7 thoughts on “File 120 – Konopiste Castle, Czech Republic

    • Acest Franz Ferdinand a fost un mesager al infernului. De numele sau sunt legate peste 20.000.000 de victime umane, in Primul Razboi Mondial. S-ar putea invoca argumentul ca a fost, la randul sau, doar o victima a contextului politico-militar, din acel moment. Dar el era si un mare vanator. Poate cel mai mare. Exista niste registre care consemneaza 300.000 de animale ucise! Multe dintre ele, inca impodobesc peretii castelului! Aici nu mai putem invoca nimic! Puntea intre cele doua maceluri, poarta numele Franz Ferdinand! Parca vad o clepsidra care are la mijloc trupul acestui (om), pe care zeii o intorc ritmic, incercand sa ne invete ceva; … 300.000 … 20.000.000 … 300.000 … 20.000.000…!?

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  1. Amazing story, in Peru that fueled the arrive of Italians and Germans building more industry in our lands. I know it’s a meaningless detail but I find interesting the avatars of the people that liked your post mostly are in pink tone 🙂

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    • You have an amazing sense of observation, Francis! Unfortunately not all is pink in this story. Because i know that you like history, i translated below, the message that i wrote for “doarnicol”. It is a personal point view about this historical personage, but i think it might be interesting for you!?

      “This Franz Ferdinand was a messenger of hell. His name is connected with over 20.000.000 human victims in First World War. Might invoke the argument that he was, just a victim of political and military context, of the time. But he was also a great hunter. Maybe the biggest. There are some register which recorded 300.000 animals killed! Many of them still adorn on the walls, of the castle! We can not invoke anything, in this case! The bridge between the two massacres, called Franz Ferdinand! I can see an hourglass which have in the middle the body of this (man), and the gods make a rhythmic return, trying to teach us something; … 300.000 … 20.000.000 … 300.000 … 20.000.000 …!?”

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      • Certainly that’s a reason to never give so much power to a only person. Killing without a vital need (food, control of species, population safeness, diseases eradication, conservation of local ecosystem, etcetera) is something sad. The only lesson we can see is that we have to be better than our ancestors and don’t repeat their mistakes, but understanding the nature of that age.

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