File 125 – Red fishing boat on the Black Sea

Red Fishing Boat


9 thoughts on “File 125 – Red fishing boat on the Black Sea

    • Thanks a lot Sanjeetv (i hope to spelled correctly your name?!)! In Europe is time for hollydays. With this occasion, i was a few days on the Bulgarian coast. This picture is made, on the beach, in village Constantin And Elena. It is noteworthy this powerful blue, specific to Black Sea (because this color, is called Black Sea). When the sea is agitated and appear white waves, that shade of blue, is spectacular. I take this opportunity to tell you, that I liked your posts about Kabaddi (Indian game) and Kerala (boat race). For me, as European citizen, is something very exotic!

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      • The pleasure is all mine, Sanjeetv! I believe that you are a talented and passionate poet, and it is an honor for me to have you, on my photoblog. I do not communicate often with you, because you’re an artist of English language, and I can not to express myself very well in this language, but I assure you, that i watched carefully your lyrics and try to understand their message. I do this because I am passionate about poetry.


      • I am just putting my own view through the poems like the way you capture the beauty of nature with camera.
        Enjoy the Blogging journey
        Thank You very much for friendly communication

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    • Intr-adevar cromatica acestei imagini este deosebita si din acest motiv am prezentat-o. Ceea ce vezi tu este o imagine ifluentata de calitatea si setarile dispay-ului tau. Cred ca ai observat deja, ca aceeasi imagine, privita pe monitoare diferite, are nuante diferite.


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