File 132 – Hamburg, Germany – Tower Of Memorial Church, Saint Nicholas

Tower Of Church St. Nicolas


12 thoughts on “File 132 – Hamburg, Germany – Tower Of Memorial Church, Saint Nicholas

    • This “stone poem” hides a drama, Francis! In the bottom of the tower are the ruins of St. Nicholas Church (what have been retained for memorial purpose), which was destroyed in the bombing aviation raid, in 28 July 1943. The tower has 147,3 meters high (in 1874, when it was built, it was the tallest building in the world). This height saved the tower from destruction, because the British fliers, used it as a landmark. In just 43 minutes, 2,326 tons of bombs were dropped, creating a firestorm (a word that entered English parlance for the first time as a result of these events). 42000 civilian victims! Traces of firestorm can see, to the top of the tower (150 meters). Now you can imagine, what does it mean “firestorm” (in military sense)!?

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      • To think that such a tragedy is hidden for so many atrocities from every side (even in neutral countries) in the European history…
        Fortunately you are in an Union these days, imperfect and with its downsides but union at least.

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      • In the current European Union, military war it has been replaced by economic war. It is unfair and unpleasant, but i must admit that it is preferable to a military conflict! The big problem is the edge of the European Union, in Ukraine !!!

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      • I think it was a NATO mistake to don’t consider countries like Ukraine as buffer states. Instead is natural that when they tried to include them Russia would be forced to prepare a strategy.
        But I’m seeing from the perspective of a Peruvian, our country has so many influence from the USA that we try to compensate relying military in Russia, I guess the near Russia means to Europe to rely in USA.
        Also there is the impression that an old Europe, demographically, is fighting another kind of wars…

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      • In my opinion, NATO and the USA, are just tools of corporate interests, who need permanent resources and markets. When Romania joined NATO, we had to cede all the oil resources of the country, but not by the USA or another state, or NATO, or EU, but by OMV and Chevron, which are global corporations! The key of the problems in modern society, is in one place: Federal Reserve! In modern warfare, the soldiers are banks and the bullets are money! The demographic problem is accentuated just in the countries of northwestern Europe. With the rhythm of immigration that exist now, this problem will be partly offset!

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    • Thanks a lot Sanjeetv (or Sanjeet?; please tell me how to write correctly)! I wrote a small comment (just above, of your comment) for my friend Francis of Peru (who is a poet, disguised as a architect! 😀 ). I would be glad if you read this comment. You might be interested, at least, in linguistically purpose!?I wanted to write for you, another message with the same content, but my knowledge of English is limited and can not find another form with the same sense.

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