File 133 – Ilfov District, Romania – “Monster” in my garden! :D – “Lucanus cervus” = A rare Coleoptera, protected at European level!

The flower where sits monster”, has a diameter of about 15 centimeters!

Monster Insect 1


Mutual curiosity!

Monster Insect 2


Fighting position!

Monster Insect 3


Have you courage, to give me a finger?!

Monster Insect 4


21 thoughts on “File 133 – Ilfov District, Romania – “Monster” in my garden! :D – “Lucanus cervus” = A rare Coleoptera, protected at European level!

    • Ok Majka, I made a few corrections in the title! I hope that now sounds better! But he will not be able to win a beauty contest, even in the world of insects! 😀
      Thank you for decision to follow, my little amateur photoblog! I hope to find here, images that deserve your time and attention. Greetings from Romania!

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      • Thanks a lot for stopping by! ☺ and for your time, you went through the “whole” blog and I appreciate it. Have a great and blessed day and greetings from Jamaica from a simply Slovak-Romanien woman ☺

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      • What a surprise!? Which of your parents is Romanian and in what area of Romania have originated? I regret that we can not discuss in Romanian. We have similar concerns and we could communicate more easily (I do not know very well English; just basic level). I am loving of poetry and I write poetry in Romanian, on another blog! I read some of your poems, but the poetic message is limited by English language. Poetry has full sense, only reading and writing in their native language. I am convinced that your poems, written in Slovak language, are much deeper than those written in English. I visited your entire blog, because you’re the only Slovakian blogger, that i had the chance to know. I was at the castle from Bratislava, but I do not know too many about Slovakia. Trencin city is known for me, by its football team. In July, Steaua Bucuresti (football team) won with great difficulty, match with Trencin, from UEFA Chamions League.
        In Jamaica, I know well, Rick’s Cafe from Negril. I’ve never been there, but is my favorite location on the website EarthCam. Since three years ago, in the cold winter evenings, I watch a few minutes on the web HD camera, as tourists make clifs jumpings, in warm water of Caribbean. They say that to Rick’s Cafe, can see the most beautiful sunsets in the world! In this way, the winter pass more easily, for me! I would be happy if someday, i found on your blog, a reportage from there! 😀
        Îți doresc multă inspirație pentru blogul tău și sper să poți transmite către estul Europei, câteva din razele de soare ale Caraibelor! Pe noi ne așteaptă o iarnă grea!

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      • My mom is Romanian ☺ her parents came possibly from Sibiu or Oradea, some of mom’s cousins lived there but a lot of them moved to Austria or Germany. My mom and granny didn’t teach me Romanian language. I started some years ago but then I focused more on English because of my migration. Trencin is my birt town and its historical part is very nice. I loved the walks along the castle walls even at the places where it was forbidden to enter ☺ I think your English is more than basic based on your replies. ☺ Maybe my Slovak poems were deeper but I don’t write poems in Slovak since some time but I write stories and they are successfully published in the children story books since last 4 years.
        My life in Jamaica is very peaceful and I have never been in Negril nor my husband but we were at Dunn’s River Falls (you can check it out), it is a beautiful place. Maybe we will be able to go to Negril one day and then I will make sure to write about it. ☺ Enjoy the rest of your evening!


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