File 134 – Ilfov District, Romania – A very rare meeting, between “Natrix Nartix” and ” Natrix Tessellata”!

There are two species which competing for the same food resources. Usually they avoid, but when they meeting occasionally, then fight. In this case, presence of photo camera, has determined a decent behavior! I could say that these two snakes are good educated! 😀

Rare Meeting


16 thoughts on “File 134 – Ilfov District, Romania – A very rare meeting, between “Natrix Nartix” and ” Natrix Tessellata”!

      • Romania has a population of 20 million. Annually there is a maximum of 5-10 people afected accidentaly by animals attack (Carpathian Bear and Snake Vipera are the only dangerous animals to humans, but in reduced areas). India is an exotic country, but for an European citizen is hard to understand that exist places where people are mortal attacked (in large numbers) by wild animals (and insects). In Romania, i live near a forest, two lakes and a river (Forest Snagov, Lake Snagov, Lake Scrovistea and River Ialomita), without any problem. If i lived in India, in similar environmental conditions, probably it would have been impossible to survive for long time!? In Romania, the most dangerous animals are people and/with…cars!

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      • Not really, my friend and what you say about people/cars is funny, but that is true here too.
        The space for wild animals, snakes is disappearing here in India. And whenever you read of deaths occurring because of animals or snakes it is usually because humans have encroached on their territory. So there is a loud outcry and the bitter human-animal conflict worsens. If only humans could stay within their boundaries and let the animals live in theirs, then all would be well.

        Even in this village of mine, it happens primarily because the snakes have nowhere to go these days as more land is cleared and they get killed more often than humans being killed or even bitten. Sad, really.

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      • It is clear that animals have no one to blame, Tejaswi! But soon India will have 1.5 billion citizens, who need vital space. Guess who will win the battle?!
        As a joke; If we add all the people, animals and birds from Romania, we not totaled 1.5 billion! Maybe if adding the insects is possible to surpass! 😀

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      • 😦
        (If I say this aloud, I am likely to be lynched, but between China and India, we are burning almost everything, eating almost everything and killing everything in order to give birth to more… how dismal is that? And worse, now we are fighting for our right to pollute the earth because the First World did it for so many years and we deserve our chance now… Ok, this comment is going to be very unpopular among my countrymen, but it happens to be true. As for the Chinese, they really are eating even endangered species, can’t stop them. China is one big, hungry mouth eating the planet and India is another, slightly smaller mouth.)

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      • The main responsibility for the pollution of the planet belongs to Europeans and Americans. Therefore it is immoral to impose pollution norms India and China. At the same time it is clear that India and China will reach the standard of living from Europe and North America, then we need to quickly find another planet! It is a heavy and unfair problem that we bequeathing to our children!

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      • It is like that problem with an “eye for an eye solution”. Where and when will the blaming stop? If someone else is responsible for things in the past, it does not give us an excuse to do that same, I believe. (But yes, the moral question is disturbing. One that does not have an easy answer. Growth versus conservation).

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      • At this point in the European Union, there is a legislation against pollution very severe. For developed countries (Germany, France, UK), this is not a problem because they have financial and technological force, to satisfy the requirements of antipollution legislation. Less developed countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland), they are clearly disadvantaged by this legislation because there is low investment force to solve environmental problems! For this reason most industrial capacities, were taken over by corporations from developed countries. In this moment countries from Eastern Europe, are just markets for sales and labor. Under the legislation of the European Union, the countries of Eastern Europe will not ever recover the economic gap with the countries of Western Europe and will never be equal partners in the alliance. The same phenomenon is happening worldwide, the USA, Japan and the European Union versus China, India, Brazil, Russia. As opposed to Eastern European countries, wich are small and weak countries, China, India, Brazil and Russia are big countries including the military powerful, who uses to impose the right of economic development. Access of these four countries, to economic development can not be stopped, than internal factors. Growth is the natural choice of capitalism! For conservation, we need another social and economic system.

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      • Once again, I am amazed by your depth of perception and the clarity and incisiveness of your analysis. (Just like the MiG post, where I learned a lot more).
        I also hear your pain when you say “markets for sales and labor”. I agree. It is the same everywhere. Just a few decades ago, Eastern Europe was hopeful, enthusiastic, even cheerful about the prospects of bridging that gap you mentioned.
        I am almost tempted to think you are wistful or nostalgic for the state of affairs under communism.
        I have no quarrel with that. In fact, I must say that though the communist party and the regime made a mess of everything from inception, the concept of Marxism may not have been that bad for the world. Capitalism envisages infinite and perpetual growth, which is not realistic and may be the root cause of all the evils plaguing the world today. But systems cannot be changed overnight nor is there an impending revolution in the works. (In fact, that is the whole problem. When revolutions happen as a result of a spontaneous explosion of the people’s anger rather than slow disgust, much of the effort is expended in fighting its enemies rather than working for the people).
        Maybe it is too late to bring about change anymore. In a consumerist society, there is very little incentive for people to change their way of life. Even if it means that the earth itself might have a shorter lifespan. And to be honest, even if there was some catastrophe for example with massive solar flares, and all our electronics and our systems went under, how would people survive? Basic survival skills are also very rare today, all our economies are built on machines and communication networks. There would be absolute chaos and anarchy. I don’t think it would be possible for us to go back to our roots and live a simpler life, nor adapt to the changes. So we are headed towards destruction some day in the future, maybe in a few decades, maybe a few centuries, inevitably.

        (I am very sorry about this lengthy, meandering and dismal comment)

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    • Eu traiesc langa padurea si lacul Snagov si pentru mine sunt imagini familiare. Reputatia serpilor este de notorietate. Putini oameni reusesc sa depaseasca teama ancestrala si sentimentul de repulsie, asa ca nimeni nu poate sa te condamne pentru ceea ce simti. Prezenta lor, certifica faptul ca un anumit habitat are un lant trofic normal si i se poate atribui calitatea de “salbatic”. Astfel de imagini le pot obtine cu dificultate, asa ca postarile cu acest subiect vor fi foarte rare. Eu iti multumesc pentru vizita si pentru fapul ca ai reusit sa-ti invingi repulsia, chiar si pentru o clipa!


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