File 136 – Juliaca, Peru – Life in a city close to sky.


Building in middle of heaven

Juliaca is my city, the place where I born and the place that define part of who I am. I want to dedicate this post to my friend Dan in the far Romania for whom I hope this can show a bit of what probably is an exotic city even in Peru.

Our city is at 3825 meters above sea level (12,549 ft.) in the Andean plateau, in a region near Bolivia and the old lake Titicaca. Among the several civilizations coming from the deserts of the coast, the highlands and the jungles the main and more numerous are the Aymara (my group), the Quechua and the Westerners from the coast. If I had to abstract the city it could have the following parts.

The heart: Apu Huaynarroque

Before the dances

Can you see the almost triangular hill? That’s the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque. This…

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4 thoughts on “File 136 – Juliaca, Peru – Life in a city close to sky.

    • My friend Francis from Peru, is a special man! Is architect, but has a high-class cultural education! It is one of the few bloggers, able to make posts with cultural value comparable by post that you make. Just he does not have the photo equipment that you possess. In terms of picture value, just few can compare with you, in the blogosphere.

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