File 139 – Lockheed C-130 Hercules

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9 thoughts on “File 139 – Lockheed C-130 Hercules

  1. Nice one.. but I still prefer the Antonovs.. though both have short field capabilities.. I have seen the Ilysuhins and Antonovs up close… when I used to live close to a combined defence airbase.. And the recent acquisitions by our air force have been disastrous in so many ways that it is almost ridiculous.. C150s now, but they were even thinking of the F-15s…. they have to be insane.. Price ratio, I mean..
    No matter what you say about western capabilities, I believe that the finest ones were always built by the Soviets.. the Foxbat.. Mig-25… no aircraft was ever comparable in its time.. and to this day, possibly.. And then all the hooplah with the hollywood movies overturning professional evaluations and good old horse sense were all useless.. you see, they won the cold war and therefore everything the soviets did was rubbish…

    πŸ™‚ Sorry.. long comment..

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    • I salute you Tejaswi! I apologize for the delayed message. Is started UEFA Champions League and two evenings have been watching football, on TV! You knew a lot about planes! You speak like a professional! I think that in aeronautics, Russians were always with one step ahead of the Americans. Regarding the technical equipment of airnavigation and aircombat, we must recognize that Americans (and NATO) are superior. You are right regarding the disregard of Russia. Since Putin dared to oppose US hegemony in Europe, we are assaulted by a full propaganda against Russia. Romania has become the main American bastion in Europe because of strategic military interest. Romania was filled with American weapons, to compensate possible desertion of Turkey (a majority Muslim country), from NATO, and to ensure NATO’s eastern flank against Russia (of course, no one asked us if we agreed to become strategic target for Russian nuclear weapons). Frankly, although i living in probably, the most democratic zone of the planet, i am a little afraid to write you these things! The European Union has betrayed its own military, economic and cultural interests, in favor of American (corporatist) expansion interests. If you study carefully, you will find that European People’s Party, who leads the European Union Parliament, it is just an extension over the Atlantic Ocean, of the American Neoliberals. To an informed observer of world politics, things are clear, but in the European Union, the standard of living is high, and this level is dependent by transatlantic financial circuits. The truth is that the countries of the eastern flank of the European Union, have historical reasons to fear by Russia and on this background, anti-Russian and pro-American propaganda, have successful. My biggest regret is that the European Union (whose citizen i am), it does not have the strength to promote their own strategic interests. Returning to photograph, i want to tell you that my interest of airplane, it is because i live to 20 kilometers from Otopeni International Airport, which is the largest airport in Romania, and where it organizes various aviation events. Although i like planes and the airport is next to me, but i had never traveled by airplane, because i have an inexplicable fear! Because of this, i traveled through Europe, only with my car, which is interesting, but quite tiring. No need to worry about for long messages! You are a man with a broad cultural horizon, and it is a pleasure to talk with you! My regret is that i can not discuss more and more often whit you, because express myself with difficulty in English.

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      • I am humbled by your reply. I am not experts on planes. Just used to wish that I could become an Air Force pilot and could not become one πŸ™‚

        But your analysis of the situation is as astute as ever. The EU, when it started, should have challenged both the Russian sphere of influence as well as the Western one. Unfortunately, at around the same time the Asian economies picked up and that became a more favoured destination for international capital.
        And as for Romania, it is nothing new, like for other former eastern-bloc nations, to be a pawn in the international game of chess. With all the disparity, it is sad to note that the EU may not hold together forever. But, in that case, there might be a brighter side for the people who were ignored or sidelined so far. Even Romania might get out of the tight grip of European economics. But as you pointed out in another reply earlier, the scope is so limited at the moment to develop an independent economy. It is unfair and such a dilemma.

        You are lucky to live so close to that airport πŸ™‚ Lovely pics as always. And you know, I can understand the fear of flying. But if you could overcome it, you would enjoy it more than most other people because your view is different and you will probably see the world from the sky in a different way πŸ™‚

        Thank you for being kind to me.. and for your reply. I appreciate it. No worries with the English. I am getting used to translating Romanian, Italian, French, German and even Swedish (!!!) in google translate. So feel free to write in your own language πŸ™‚ That would make it better. You can write to me directly at kishoretejaswi@gmail DOT com too πŸ™‚
        It is nice to have met you and I am lucky. Thank you so much.

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      • Din pacate este o pasiune destul de costisitoare. Ce am eu, este din gama “middle class”. Pentru echipament profesional, este necesara o investitie minima de 5-6 mii de euro. Fireste, se pot face lucruri minunate si cu cea mai banala “compacta”, daca exista pasiune si simt artistic, dar tehnologia, are un rol important in acest domeniu. Tentatia este mare si candva, vei face si tu un “upgrade”. Pana atunci, sa speram ca va aparea si in Ploiesti, un magazin specializat in echipamente foto!?

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      • Cam greu cu asa ceva in Ploiesti…
        Tot F64 ramane cea mai buna solutie. Da, intr-adevar se poate face treaba buna si cu o “sapuniera”, dar este limitata…

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