File 146 – Prague, Czech Republic – Adria Palace

Was built between 1923 – 1924 and was designed by Czech architect Josef Zasche in collaboration with Pavel Janak.  A must see for lovers of architecture!

Palac Adria 2Palace Adria


3 thoughts on “File 146 – Prague, Czech Republic – Adria Palace

  1. Fascinating, there is a kind of mathematical symmetry to the facade ornaments… arrowheads and arches.. almost like.. arrows pointing, nothing above in this section.. and the arches saying, turn around, there is a turret on top.. 😀

    Too bad the lower part does not complement the top…

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    • Hello Tejaswi! I hope you managed to surpass the loss that you have suffered, a little while ago. I’m not a specialist in architecture, but all my senses tell me, that is a special building in architectural terms. Prague is a city with many architectural masterpieces. From my point of view is the second European city as architectural beauty, after Venice (I have not yet visited Spain). I envy the Czechs. They managed to keep the historic center of Prague. In the interwar period, Bucharest was called “Little Paris”, thanks to the wonderful architecture of buildings. Unfortunately, during the communist era, most historic buildings were destroyed and replaced by a North Korean-inspired architecture. Today Bucharest has modern buildings by concrete, metal and glass, wide boulevards and large markets such rare find in Europe, but has no soul. Prague has a wonderful architectural spirit and million of tourists. But God gave to Bucharest a consolation prize. We have the most beautiful women in Europe! 😀

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      • Yes, thank you, my friend.. not surpassed.. but trying not to think of it. Immersed myself in work and try not to remember.

        Thank you for this comment. I always learn from you and I love the observations. Yes, it is very true that the straight-lined theme that the soviets followed made them stark and lifeless. You are right, soulless. When I look at the old buildings in Europe, I am always awed. I could only see Prague in the movies and photos in magazines, but I agree with you. Very imposing.

        Oh, and I am missing all that? Why was I not in Bucharest then? 😀 Would love to meet ALL of them.. hahaha..

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