File 147 – Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors 1

Autumn Colors 2


9 thoughts on “File 147 – Autumn Colors

  1. Beautiful … I recently found one that had wings that looked like green leaves, with veins too!! It was superb.. except I did not have a camera at the time..
    These are beautiful pics.

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    • I’m glad that you like the pictures, Tejaswi! It is a picture that i made yesterday in my backyard. There were hundreds of red leaves and just four brown leaves. You can see that butterfly chose one of four brown leaves, to rest. He stood there motionless for several hours. When i saw the scene, i wondered if choosing brown leaf, was a coincidence, or some “intelligence”, told to the butterfly that is safe there, due to the camouflage. I have no scientific answer to this question. But if that butterfly was able to distinguish colors and choose the one that gives safety of camouflage, in relation to its own color, means that nature is more intelligent than we imagine. However it’s just an insect! Maybe someday i’ll find out, if it was a coincidence or not!?

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      • Of course it is…nature is intelligent.. but you may be very close to the answer yourself..They do not perceive colours in the same way as we do, perhaps.. but maybe as warmer or cooler depending on the radiated amount of heat and light. It would be illogical to think that they cannot distinguish colours when nature has provided for so many the gift of camouflage. I think, my friend, nature is indeed intelligent.. 🙂

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