File 149 – Bucharest, Romania – First Contact ?!

It is said that Milan is the capital of the world, for fashion! I think this is a joke (sorry to my Italian friends). Watch this !!! πŸ˜€

Fashion 1

Fashion 2

Fashion 3

Fashion 4


20 thoughts on “File 149 – Bucharest, Romania – First Contact ?!

    • Hello Francis! I watch to European Championship qualifying . Half time result in our group: Romania-Finland 0-0!?, Northern Ireland-Greece 1-0 !! ?? and Hungary- Faroe 0-1 !!!???. Northern Ireland and Romania is qualify to these scores. I’ll tell you the final results after second half.

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      • Final: Romania-Finland 1-1, Northern Irlanda-Greece 3-1, Hungary-Faroe 2-1. It’s the weakest qualifying group in European Championship history! It is tragic that this group will send two teams to the final tournament. Northern Ireland is already qualified with players, from English second league. It was a group of amateur football!!! Results were disrupted by the Greek team. Due to the economic crisis in Greece, the Greek players did not receive money for qualification, and they came to the national team, but refused to play on full capacity!!! Romania and Hungary have players with poor quality who play in obscure teams. If Peru it was in this group, it would be scrolled, without any problem. It is the first time when i wish that Romania does not qualify. Unfortunately we beat Faroe away and we go to the Euro, where we show a very poor football. Everyone will wonder how we managed to get there. The answer is in Greece!

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      • If Pere would be there then the previous night our Vikings, err… footballers, had been drinking with models until the morning and in the moment of the match they would be tired before the end of the first time XD
        What a pity about Greece, if money is the issue then I guess they wouldn’t be representing their country but selling their services of mercenaries to other countries, as part of the German and French teams that I remember had a lot of naturalized foreigners.
        I admit the Romanian team didn’t look like a dream team but I didn’t get bored as when I usually see to the Peruvian selection. Congratulations for the classification, I hope Romanian team can have a better performance.

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      • It finished… when I got the signal it was with Finland winning with one goal. It seemed that Finland was playing a defensive scheme with counterstrikes. Romania was attacking but stuck near the middle field and leaving holes in the defense. But the change give a breath of air and got the goal after a stunned Finnish defense.
        It was a ordered game I think, Finland had more goals opportunities in the final part I saw but in football real goals are the important ones (goals you don’t make, goals they make to you) This in which situation set to Romanian team?

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      • Until the goal Finnish, Romania had over fifteen great occasions of goal. After illogical goal of Finnish, Romanians fell down psychic. Due to lack of funding, professional football in Romania, is collapsed. Romania has only about 25,000 professional footballers. But beware Francis, talent of Romanian footballer has not disappeared. He emigrated to the football on reduced field, where we have 400,000 practitioners and we are for six times consecutive, champions in Europe and third places on the first World Championship in 2015 (in the USA)! Romanians go to work day and night playing football, on field with reduced dimension and electric light. I make this, twice in a week. In every village there are this fields with reduced dimensions and electric light. Many people practice this type of football and international results are excellent!

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      • That’s excellent and a reason I believe more in Romanian football than Peruvian football. In my country football is just an excuse to drink bear, if you could see a Sunday neighborhood match you would laugh of our “players” with beer tummy XD

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  1. Ahem, name one greek who plays for any other country than his own? πŸ˜€ Aussies excluded.. they will take any rat from anywhere.. πŸ˜› in fact, they don’t even have one single purebred player (oh.. wait.. then they would have to jail him haha)… ok, racist comments..

    Peru and Romania should both be proud of their football tradition.. two different styles and yet.. perseverance.. and standing up to regional bullies πŸ™‚

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      • haha… club football, yes.. but I meant in reply to Francis.. no imported greeks in any national teams.. πŸ™‚ never mind the americans and the aussies.. they even have to import culture because they have a shortage of that over there πŸ˜€

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