File 156 – Sulina, Romania – The most Easterly point of the European Union

    A city where the main avenue, is the Danube. The only way to transport between Sulina and Romania, is the Danube. For this reason, in 19’th centuries, the town, that is located at “the mouth” of the Danube , was favorite port of the pirates, in the Black Sea. Complex water channels of the Danube Delta, offering them shelter places and hideouts for “pirate treasure”. In the cemetery of town, there are tombs of pirates who have characteristic signs. In 1856, Sulina was declared a free port, on peacetime and wartime (porto franco), and hosted the European Commission of Danube, which regulated for the first time, free navigation on the Danube. The Commission functioned until 1939 and during this period, due to liberalization of navigation on the Danube, Romanian Principalities (what they were not yet united as a national state) has become the main supplier of cereals in Europe. Diplomatic relations created by the European Commission of Danube, together with economic development, favored by free trade on the Danube, helped to the union of the Principality Wallachia with the Principality Moldova in 1859, and in 1918, by joining of the Principality Transylvania, is formed national state Romania. It is noteworthy a historical paradox, that the most isolated city in Romania, had the largest contribution (indirectly), to the unification of all Romanians in a national state.

   At this time, Sulina is the most Eastern point and probably the poorest point (because of its isolation), of the European Union. Now everybody is looking to the West, but “pirate treasure” is still there! 

Sulina 1

   A city where main avenue is the Danube. The distance between Sulina and the nearest town (which is Tulcea), is 65 kilometers and the access is only on the Danube. As you can see, there are no cars here!

Sulina 2

    Tomb of Greek pirate Ghiorghios Kontoguris (killed on 25 March 1871, by the Russian army, on the streets of Sulina), located in maritime cemetery, in Sulina.

Sulina 6

   Entangled channels of Danube Delta, offering ideal places to refuge, for the pirates.

Sulina 3

   Now, the Eastern border of the European Union, is well protected by the Coast Guard.  Time of the pirates is passed long ago! 😀

Sulina 5

   Today, Sulina is a poor and isolated town, but has a romantic air, by keeping some of the buildings with architecture of 19’th century .

Sulina 4

   In this building was hosted European Commission of Danube, between 1856 and 1939.

   The real “pirates treasure” of Sulina, is represented by the fauna of the Danube Delta.

Sulina 8

   Because of the sediments brought by the Danube, the coastline advancing in Black Sea, step by step. This has led  over time, to the construction of several navigation lighthouses. In the picture is an lighthouse built in 1870, that now is located on 9 kilometers from the coastline.

   Lighthouse built in 1887, now is on 7 kilometers from the coastline.

   Here ends the European Union! The modern tower for navigation control, is the most Easterly point of the European Union. Here, the Danube ends his journey (2860 km, the second longest river in Europe, after Volga), started in the Mountains Black Forest from Germany. Before disappearing into the Black Sea, the Danube leaves as gift, the most beautiful natural jewel of Europe, wich is the Danube Delta and this small romantic town, with his old stories about pirates! This picture is made in one of most isolated places of the European Union, but here, the birds always sing for you: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”! 😀


7 thoughts on “File 156 – Sulina, Romania – The most Easterly point of the European Union

    • Isolation has advantages and disadvantages. It is the most quiet village of Romania, because there are no cars. There is no pollution from exhaust gases. There are no thieves, because there would be nowhere to run. But the nearest hospital and the nearest institution of higher education, it is in Tulcea. The distance between Tulcea and Sulina, means 5-6 hours to trip by boat. When the weather conditions are bad and boats can not travel, Sulina becomes a town completely isolated. In these conditions, economic development is almost impossible. Locals live from fishing and tourism, but this is not enough. Sulina has about 5000 inhabitants. It is likely that most have a standard of living, higher than in Juliaca, but for the standard of the European Union, they are very poor. Although people are poor, they are happy to live in Sulina! I do not think that in Europe, there is a more beautiful place (in terms of natural beauty), than Danube Delta and this beauty surrounded Sulina. Locals say that isolation is a small price to pay, for beauty that surrounds Sulina. From my point of view, due to their isolation, Sulina is the only free city of Romania (which at this moment is just a corporatist colony).

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