File 157 – Prague, Czech Republic – Bridge Band from Charles Bridge

    One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is Prague. The most interesting tourist attraction in Prague, is the route called “Royal Road” that crosses Old Town. The most beautiful portion of this route is  Charles Bridge, that crosses the Vltava river ( its construction, started in 1357 by King Charles IV and finished in 1402). And the most pleasant thing on Charles Bridge, is to listen high quality musicians, from Bridge Band! They are always there, and nobody will leave disappointed ! 😀

Bridge Band


9 thoughts on “File 157 – Prague, Czech Republic – Bridge Band from Charles Bridge

    • It is a special place, Francis! I’ll never forget how I was walking on the bridge, along with other tourists from all over the planet. I could hear all languages of the world around me. Charles Bridge is a Babylon Tower, but horizontally!

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    • The most interesting subject in this picture is nice colorful boat. I was so careful to catch the perfect position of the boat, that I cut off the hand of the musician from left of the image. I think that musician, will never forgive me! 😀


      • Ha, I think if the musician knew you captured the boat so well he’d agree! The color boat is exactly what caught my eye first and makes the shot! Well done.

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