File 158 – Ilfov District, Romania – Romanian Cowboy

Romanian Cowboy 1

Romanian Cowboy 2


20 thoughts on “File 158 – Ilfov District, Romania – Romanian Cowboy

    • Some time ago, I told you that Romania has become an American colony. The Americans brought in Romania bombs and rockets, but also their lifestyle. In the picture it is not an actor, is just a neighbor of my, who fell in love with cowboy lifestyle! πŸ˜€

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      • I tell you honestly, that I admire only the horse. I have the same problem with USA, that you have with the Spanish, but my problem is current. Your problem is historic. You know the famous Shakespearean expression: “I give a kingdom for a horse!”. My neighbor inspires me a Romanian adaptation of the Shakespearean expression: “I give a horse and many nuclear missiles, for a country!” I hope you understand my feelings and you do not mind for my opinion, which I dare to say you, that to a friend! It is very unpleasant to know that my daughter (and my cowboy neighbor), is a target for Russian nuclear missiles, because to a war that is not of the Romanians!

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      • Oh, I see it’s more complicated that I thought. Actually I’ve no problem with Spain, more with my own country due it’s still bonded with the Spain of the XVI century (religion, society, moral, etcetera) not with the actual Spain, although it’s a country I cannot imagine myself living because it was a time normal in the news to see a bad treatment from them to us in their country, sometimes even some Spaniards would have a bad attitude here in Peru; after their economic problem they paid our citizens to leave their country but it seemed to me fair in that oportunity. In the end I don’t have a problem with a strong Spain (of course I’m not a fan of them), but more against a weak Peru.
        I understand your feelings, historically we have purchased weapons from Russia to be more independent from USA. Also I understand the rage against a country whose politics get in pain when Russia once put missiles in Cuba but hasn’t problem with set their own near Russia… Of course there is no country of saints (not even the Vatican :D) so being so close to a powerful country usually brings to the smaller one a tough position, right know Brazilians are the ones that want to be that powerful neighbor. In the American continent the farther of USA usually the better because there are less interferences as XX century proved with the dictatorships supported by them…

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