File 159 – Which is the way to you?!

   Due to the military conflict from Ukraine, civil air traffic was restricted and diverted. Now, most of the air routes which linking Europe, Asia and Australia, passing over the International Airport Otopeni, from Romania. I live near this airport. I know that place where I live, it is just a small corner at the edge of Europe, but when I see such images on my window, I feel like I stand in the center of the world. Beyond the blogosphere, I have this lines on the sky, in every day without clouds, that give me the feeling of connecting with the entire world. The big problem is that I do not know which of them, is the way to you!? 😀

Sky Lines 2

    Here is the strings of sky! But who knows how to sing with them?! 😀

Sky Lines 1



7 thoughts on “File 159 – Which is the way to you?!

    • Usually, those lines of smoke, are quickly dispelled, by atmospheric currents. Rarely there is calm in high atmosphere and then appear “the strings of sky”. You know well their music, by your travels between continents. I enjoy for your visit! It is a sign that you work less and have more time for your “intercontinental flying” spirit! 😀


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