File 162 – Szentendre, Hungary – Old Goat Art Gallery


7 thoughts on “File 162 – Szentendre, Hungary – Old Goat Art Gallery

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know Hungarian language. In Romania, there are two million of Romanians citizens, with Hungarian origin. Most of them, live in the province of Transylvania, in central and North-Western part of Romania (where you have roots, from your mother). I live in the South of Romania, in the province of Muntenia (Ilfov District, at twenty kilometers in North of the capital, Bucharest). Here is the most developed area of Romania, from economically poin of view and because of this, I hear often around me, speaking Western European languages, but rarely I heard Hungarian language (or any languages of neighboring countries). There is a great rivalry between Romanians and Hungarians (for historical reasons) and for this, Hungarians living in compact communities (almost landlocked). The languages are very different. Romania is a Latin island. We have around, three countries that use Slavonic language and one with Uralic-Ugric language. This complete isolation, is a unique situation in the linguistic geography of the world. For Romanians is difficult to learn the language of the countries that is our neighbors, due to different alphabet and different grammatical structure. I visited Hungary several times and I liked what I saw (even if the language is alien to me). Budapest is one of the most well balanced cities in Europe, where I would have loved to live … if I know the language! 😀


      • Thanks a lot for your wide explanation! ☺ well my granny spoke to me only Hungarian so it is actually my third native ☺ and at the primary it was mandatory to learn Russian so I can read and understand some Russian as well. I remember when I was traveling to Bulgaria we shouldn’t enter Bucharest but go around. Since it was late evening we mistakenly enter the city and it was a great challenge to find the way out of the city ☺ Budapest is beautiful but too crowded. Have a beautiful evening!

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      • Sorry for your wandering through Bucharest, but capital of Romania is not a tourist city and don’t have facilities for tourist traffic. You say that Budapest is a crowded city, but Bucharest has twice the number of inhabitants and an area twice small. Compared to Bucharest, Budapest seems to be a free city, for me!

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