File 166 – Monastery Curtea De Arges, Romania – The place where illusion can become reality!

   Church of Monastery Curtea de Arges, was built between the years 1512-1517, at the initiative of Wallachian king Neagoe Basarab (1512-1521). The church was made in Byzantine architectural style with influences of Armenian, Persian, Georgian and Arabic art. In terms of architectural beauty, the church surpasses everything that was built in the Kingdom of Wallachia, until the XVI century. Today the church is an important tourist attraction. Here is tombs of some historical personalities, the tomb of Romanian royal family (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen) and holy relics of religious martyr Saint Filoteia. In this place, sometimes illusions became reality, and for this reason, the Monastery Curtea de Arges is a place to pilgrimage, for Orthodox Christians.
   The construction of the church has generated the most famous folk ballad from Romanian culture; “Balada Mesterului Manole (The Ballad Of Master (builder) Manole)”. The legend say that king, has hired Master Manole with his team of masons, to build the most beautiful church ever. The builders have started work, but everything that built during the day, is collapse overnight. In one night, Master Manole had a dream, in which “the divinity” asks him to make a sacrifice, by closed a human being inside of the wall, because it walls never to collapse. Through a concurrence of dramatic circumstances, the person who will be sacrificed, is Ana, the wife of Master Manole, which he loved very much! After sacrifice of Ana, Master Manole manages to build the most beautiful church. When the king saw the beauty of the church, ordered to be demolished the scaffoldings, because Master Manole remain suspended on roofing and can not build, another similar church. To go down on the roof, Master Manole make wooden wings and tried to hover, up to the ground. But wings are too heavy and Master Manole dies, by crashes on the ground. In the place where he dies, appear a spring from his love tears, for his sacrificed wife Ana. This spring  exists currently, near of the church.
   The myth of sacrifice for the remarkable construction is common in the zone of Eastern Europe. The specificity of Romanian myth, is that it approaches by the real historical elements. It is known that Neagoe Basarab, before becoming king of Wallachia, was hosted on court of Sultan Bayezid II (1481-1512), to study military arts. There are historical sources wich mention that in the process of military education, Neagoe Basarab had as task to manage the construction of a mosque in Constantinople, to improve their knowledge about construction. The chief constructor of the mosque is someone named Manoli of Niaesia, wich appearing thereby joined with Neagoe Basarab, in some documents. It is possible that this construction crew of Constantinople, to came with Neagoe Basarab in Wallachia, where they built the church of Monastery Curtea de Arges. Manoli of Niaesia was Armenian and this might explain the elements of Armenian and Georgian architecture of church, which are very rare in this geographical area. It is possible that this Manoli of Niaesia, to be  Master Manole, the main character in the most famous Romanian folk ballad. Unfortunately this assertion is just a speculation of historical logic. In the absence of clear evidence, the historical truth about the famous Master Manole, remains yet, just an illusion! But church of Monastery Curtea de Arges, is a reality! A beautiful reality!Church 1

Church 2

Church 3

Church 4

   This marking indicates the place where it was slaughtered Ana.

Church 15

Church 14

Church 6

Church 7

Church 8

Church 9

Church 10

Church 11

Church 12

Church 13

Church 16

Church 17

Church 5


32 thoughts on “File 166 – Monastery Curtea De Arges, Romania – The place where illusion can become reality!

  1. Remarkably this myth from the “dark ages” is repeated across so many cultures and continents and regions. This story of sacrifice for the monuments that humans build. I think it has more to do with the romanticism of the age and the people who saw those monuments later rather than stories with real facts in them. Yet, for all that, it makes it more interesting and probably binds us closer to those monuments than not.

    Hey, it has been a while 🙂 Hope you are well, my dear friend. Sorry about not visiting earlier. Nice post, really loved it.

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      • Thank you so much, dear friend. I have not exactly been in the best of health lately. The spine is giving up on me. The spirit is willing, but the body appears to be weak 🙂 So, was bed-ridden, on and off the last couple of months. I hate being down and low, so I try to bounce back too soon and probably that makes it worse. Well, never mind. Got only one life to live and i am not going to spend that in bed haha….
        Thank you for your kind words.. Will be seeing you around.

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      • This is sad news for me, Tejaswi! But your spirit seems to be ok! Now I have to collect all the positive energy of the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea, the Danube River, the Danube Delta and I’ll send it to you. Open the window and be prepared! You must recovers your health! This is important for you, for your family and even for us from other worlds (continents), that we appreciate you. The blogosphere it needs spirits like you! It is your duty to keep your spirit ignited! Spine?! But you did not need it, Tejaswi! You already have wings and you can fly!!!! 😀

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      • Hahaha, thank you my friend. I am overwhelmed. Yes, of course, I can fly 🙂
        No, it is not sad news at all. Don’t worry. It is not even news now… been two years now 🙂 and I just ignore it most of the times. I will recover..


    • Thank you very much for your appreciation! I had good light when I took the pictures. My problem is that I do not know English very well and I have emotions when writing longer text. I hope that the text was intelligible and I did not make many language errors!? Warm greetings from Romania!


    • I am surprised that you visited Romania! I must admit that we dont have a adequate infrastructure for tourism. To make tourism in Romania, is a difficult experience even for us, Romanians. I imagine that neither for you, was not easy or pleasant. Although I am glad to see, that you kept some pleasant memories, after your visit in Romania. I hope that photos which you find on my blog, to complement in a positive way, what you already know about Romania.
      I greeting Maciek and I expect with pleasure, your future visits in my little virtual space!

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      • We did and we have travelled for two weeks! I will be posting my impressions some time in the future. Am curious for your thoughts when I do that ☺ Romania has beautiful landscapes and architecture. It was an exiting journey! Most of the times we were happy with accomodation as well! And yes, I will be visiting often ☺

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      • Even if we have outstanding natural beauty (Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea, Danube River) and an interesting history (Geto-Dacians, Romans, Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast, migrations period, Ottoman period, Austro-Hungarian period, Habsburg Empire period, world wars, communist period, UE period), we do not have enough roads, airport, tourist information centers and places for acomodation. Also we don’t have a tourism promotion at global level. Great tour operators bypass Romania, due to inadequate infrastructure. Tourism statistics show that Romanian tourism, are very low compared to Western Europe. Personally I am not satisfied by the Romanian tourism. For this reason, I prefer to spend my holidays in outside of Romania. From my point of view Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, offers superior conditions for tourism.
        I look forward to your post about Romania! I’m curious how to seen Romania, through your eyes!?
        Do you like football?

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      • I do ☺ I know there were times when Romanian football was of much bigger value, with the National Team or Steaua. ☺ hold on a bit more for my stories on Romania ☺

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    • Banuiesc ca ai fost de multe ori acolo, dar inca o “vizita” nu strica! Am avut noroc de o lumina buna (09-09-2015) si au iesit cateva fotografii deosebite. Folosesc acest prilej, sa-ti multumesc pentru ca urmaresti fotoblogul meu, chiar daca nu avem o reciprocitate in acest sens. Ne “vedem” la “litere”!

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      • Toata lumea spune ca sunt mai “talentat” la poze, decat la poezii! Dar eu, as da oricand zece “like-uri” de la poze, pentru unul singur, la poezii. Avand o componenta tehnica, fotografia este mai accesibila pentru mine, insa poezia este…cea mai…si…cea mai…!!!

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      • As vrea eu sa fie adevarat ce spui! Din pacate, pentru mine poezia este un “teren alunecos”, si nu am gasit niciodata suficiente argumente sau criterii, pentru a cuantifica “valoarea” propriilor “lirice”. Exista multe carti, care te invata cum sa faci fotografii de calitate, dar nu am intalnit nici una care sa spuna cum trebuie sa fie “poezia perfecta”, asa ca sunt intr-o continua cautare. Incep sa cred ca este doar…”an illusion”!?

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