File 171 – Fighting For Color

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11 thoughts on “File 171 – Fighting For Color

    • Brilliant!!! I salute you, Tejaswi! Sorry for delayed response! I notice that you’re a good connoisseur of the Old Testament! I’m curious what is your religion? I know that India has a diversity of religions. I live in a country that has 86% Christian Orthodox religion, and I belong to this religion.

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      • Then I will probably disappoint you by saying that I am an atheist πŸ™‚
        Born into a Hindu family, but got nothing much to do with it or with any other religion, apart from my interest in history, culture and languages and umm, world religions… too.. πŸ™‚

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      • I am not disappointed by your religious (non)option, because for me, the most precious religion is freedom of mind and soul! History has many evidence about how many problems is produced by extremist religion. All religions have developed (sooner or later), an extremist form!

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      • Thank you πŸ™‚ And, yes, that is what I believe too. My cousin in San Jose is often vehement in saying that religion is the root cause of all evil. But I don’t think that is true either. I may be an atheist, and I might not like religion all that much, but just look at all the things in the world we have because of religion – art, architecture, literature, music, social structure, even in some cases laws, even science, strangely enough.
        It is not religion that I am against, but against irrational belief, against fanaticism, against commercialization of religion.
        Like all countries these days, even my country is going through some extreme right-wing phase. In the name of religion and nationalism. I don’t know which is worse. The world has suddenly gone mad πŸ˜€
        It is only going to get worse, I fear. My religion, your religion, my faith, your god, my culture, your history will be a constant, ugly battle from now on. Maybe some day better sense shall prevail. But all that we lose in the interim is lost forever. Sad.
        (Sorry about the long reply).

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      • Every religion is positive, when it is perceived from inside of its dogma. From the outside it looks like religions are not perfect. There are differences between doctrine and practice, which denatured in extremism and interests. History has much evidence of this sense. Unfortunately, even in these times, when there is so much knowledge and communication, people suffer because of religion. There are still some “crusades”, that transcend centuries, adapting to historical and economic conditions. In each historical period, religious faith was hijacked, in various interests by the political or economic forces. You know better the conflict between Muslim and India. It is also notorious the conflict between Islamic world and Christians and the conflict between Hebrew and Muslim. There is a “crusade” which is less known and which is not discussed because it is disguised in European integration. It’s undeclared conflict between Orthodox Christianity and Catholic Christianity. In Europe, Orthodox Christianity is found mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. Each of these countries have big problems at this moment;
        Russia is in economic blockade and is presented in the media as an aggressor state, just because defend the interests of the Orthodox population from Ukraine and Syria.
        Ukraine is torn apart by a civil war between the Catholic population from West and the Orthodox population from East of country.
        Greece it was subjected to a strong economic and financial aggression. At this moment, Greece is a country economically bankrupt.
        Serbia (Yugoslavia) which was a multicultural paradise, has been transformed into a hell of religious conflicts. In 1999, NATO bombers, brought the war in the middle of Europe, and blocked the spectacular development of Serbia.
        Romania and Bulgaria are the poorest countries in the European Union and are state entities only formally. In reality they are corporate colonies and are maintained in a stable condition because of strategic military positions, to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, in case if Muslim Turkey would decide to leave NATO.
        It is hard to believe that the difficult situation of the all Orthodox countries from Europe, is just a coincidence. Clearly is a strategy that is based on economic motivation but applied with religious considerations. These are the effects of religion, that I live here in Europe, which is said to be the most democratic and liberal zone, of the planet. I do not believe that Jesus Christ or Mahomed taught anyone, to do such facts and strategies. Than with such religion, better without it! Anytime it is a pleasure to talk to you Dear Tejaswi, even if i respond delayed, because of my work!

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      • Clear response, my friend. Actually, that is what I happen to think too. Recent events seem to point in that direction.
        In fact, I was shocked when I woke up to read about the Su-24 incident. It was a crafty move. If Russia retaliates, the NATO doctrine comes into effect and the others would be forced to defend. I think Erdogan went a little too far. It could tear NATO apart.
        But, I did not think of all this in religious terms. Now that you mentioned it, it is indeed surprisingly a coincidence that the states you mentioned are involved. I did not think of it in that way at all. Thank you for pointing it out.
        I too firmly believe that religion and faith are intensely personal issues. But these days, religion and god have come out on the streets πŸ™‚ In India, quite literally so hahaha. Better for the god to have a home, n’est ce pa? πŸ˜€
        Unfortunately, my friend, we are the minority in the world now. There is no longer a word called ‘secular’.
        Thank for writing, I always appreciate your thoughts.


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