File 175 – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – Light Show In Tsarevets Fortress

   This is my first post in 2016. For this reason I wanted to choose a spectacular subject for this post. After a some meditation, I decided to present for you, what I think is the most spectacular thing, that I met in the geographical area of the Balkans. This is the show of light and sound that is produced on special occasions, in the medieval  fortress Tsarevets, in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. This is a place with a history of 7000 years. Between walls of Tsarevets fortress, it was conceived a significant part of Balkans history, during the 12th and 14th centuries. Today, the historic greatness of fortress Tsarevets, is matched by grandeur of sound and light show produced here, which covering an entire structure of relief. To understand the full spectacularity of the show, while viewing images, it needs to add with your own imagination, the specific music of Balkans and the shrill sound of the giant bells, in the background. I wish you for all, a year full of colors, as in my photos! 😀 

Tsarevets Light 1

Tsarevets Light 2

Tsarevets Light 3

Tsarevets Light 4

Tsarevets Light 5

Tsarevets Light 6

Tsarevets Light 7

Tsarevets Light 8

Tsarevets Light 9

Tsarevets Light 10

Tsarevets Light 11


23 thoughts on “File 175 – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – Light Show In Tsarevets Fortress

  1. Beautiful photos, Dan. I know Veliko Tarnovo, have been there twice and I loved that history was breathing on me by each step. The houses over the river… dangerous place for living there. ☺

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  3. Salut domnul inginer de instalatii ! 🙂
    Si eu sunt inginer dar de masini si utilaje de ” prelucrat” 🙂 pamantul .
    Am venit aici de dincolo………….
    DA, ai IMAGINATIE ! 🙂
    Fotografiile mai sus postate dovedesc asta ! 🙂
    Daca nu te superi, te invit la un
    ca sa-ti aflu opinia …………..
    O saptamana cu impliniri si bucurii ! 🙂

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    • Ce surpiza placuta, Domnule Aliosa! Probabil ati observat ca am o prezenta mai constanta pe acest fotoblog, dar asta nu inseamna, ca nu urmaresc cu atentie ce se intampla in blogosfera “de litere”! “Testul de imaginatie”, l-am parcurs deja prin “joculdecuvinte”, inca de la publicare, dar mi-a placut sa-l recitesc. Am mai zambit inca odata, imaginandu-mi o sceneta inspirata de acest text, avand ca protagonisti doi actori din “vechea garda”.


    • Dupa cum am spus si in textul postarii, este cel mai spectaculos lucru pe care l-am intalnit in zona balcanica. Daca doresti sa vezi acest spectacol, atunci trebuie sa te informezi din timp. Spectacolul nu este produs regulat, ci doar cu ocazia sarbatorilor majore si in functie de fluxul de turisti.


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