File 179 – A Promise…

A Promise 1

A Promise 2

A Promise 3

A Promise 4

A Promise 5

A Promise 6

A Promise 7


50 thoughts on “File 179 – A Promise…

  1. Wow, beautiful. One of my last projects before I stopped working, 3-4 years ago, was something similar. I had to make a demo video for the then new 4k television brands. So I had to simulate a scene exactly like this in 3d with a resolution of 4k, snowing and frost, flakes sticking to the trees etc. Especially the sixth image, it was very much like that scene. Beautiful images, my friend.

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      • Both, actually. The client had a set of photos from a high-res camera, various scenes and I reproduced those scenes in 3d, with life-like snow and snowflakes. Happily, on those we agreed. But with the other set, with cartoon images, did not make sense to me, but that is what the client wanted. I like making digital landscapes more than those toon things and non-photo-real (NPR) renders.

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      • Haha, I used to be lots of things, but to put it simply, just a computer engineer.
        In the last few years I used to work as a 3d animator- Architectural renderings, VFX, computer simulations, motion picture graphics, post-production stuff and all that.

        Hopefully, if things go well, I will get back on my feet again and start working on similar stuff in a few months 🙂

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    • Hello Francis! Judging by reactions, it seems that are some beautiful pictures. What is not shown in the picture, is the temperature of -22 degrees Celsius! Remember you last summer, I told you that I had temperatures of over +40 degrees Celsius? This is the place where I live; the temperature oscillates between +45 and -25 degrees Celsius, the color varies between all white, all green, all yellow and all brown and people oscillates between crying and laughter, just in few minutes (probably as an adaptation to an environment so different)! 😀
      P.S. Why I have not seen any snowy pictures to you!?

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  2. Did I/we die and go to heaven??!! 🙂 Unde-mi sunt cuvinteleee?!… Prima mi-a luat ochii, a doua glasul, a treia și-a patra răsuflarea.. iar restul, nu mai aveau ce. Eram ..breathless deja. 😀 Nu se poateee! Vreau și eeeu.. Să obțin așa ceva de ..supeeeerb!! Feerieeee… Apus de dincolo. 🙂

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    • Mammma Miaaaa, Nicol…..dupa asa un mesaj ar trebui sa…
      (…ma las de poezie
      si de inginerie
      si sa fac din fotografie,
      o noua meserie…)
      …-ti spun “secretul” acestor fotografii; este vorba despre un filtru de polarizare circulara, pe care l-am atasat la obiectivul aparatului foto. Nu costa foarte mult! Problema este, unde gasesti asa o padure si un soare care vrea sa “sarute” pamantul!?

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