File 181 – A New Perspective Of Freedom

   In the area where I live, there is an expression which says that “in every evil there are less well and conversely”. Is an Romanian adaptation for the principle of Chinese philosophy, “Yin And Yang”. This principle appears to be generally valid. It can be applied to the spiritual environment but also to the physical environment. Recently I had the opportunity to see the validity of this principle. In my geographic area is a heavy winter, with lot of snow and temperatures of -22 degrees Celsius. It is easy to imagine, that this creates many problems for everyday life. The positive side is that these extreme climate conditions, change radically the appearance of the environment, making possible the occurrence of enchanting winter landscapes. But for me, the most enjoyable thing in this cold period, is that Lake Snagov (near where I live), is frozen. The lake was transformed into a giant ice rink, which offers dozens of miles of ice, perfectly for skating. I got the chance to make long trips with skates and to explore nature (and make photos) from a perspective that otherwise is impossible. The photos from this post are not very spectacular and I hesitated to present. However I decided to present them, with the hope, that they will manage to transmit the feeling of speed, of floating, of harmony with nature in unusual conditions. This solitary floating over the immense area of ice, has offered me a new perspective of freedom, that I would like to share with you!

Skating 1

Skating 2

Skating 3

Skating 4

Skating 6

Skating 7

Skating 8

Skating 9


21 thoughts on “File 181 – A New Perspective Of Freedom

    • Hello Dalo! Welcome to the “North Pole” of the European Union! Warming is a problem that is “resolved” with “palinca” 😀
      The “big” problem is that my photo camera is almost to the “supreme sacrifice”, to get these photos at temperatures of -22 degrees Celsius! Also, the fall of skating, are not very pleasant for the frozen plastic of the camera. Already appeared the cracks! So Dalo, you just admired some pictures “very expensive”! 😀
      But all the problems caused by cold, snow, risks of camera does not matter, if you liked these images! Means that deserved! 😀


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