File 184 – About An “Galactic” Footballer (reflection)!

Galactic Footballer

30 thoughts on “File 184 – About An “Galactic” Footballer (reflection)!

    • Hello Tejaswi! I made a set of pictures at that location and I have some similar images without reflection, but I chose this picture as a small tribute to the UEFA Champions League, which restarts tonight. Even if the actual football is “dirty” by drug, betting and enormous financial interests, remains a remarkable show, which I follow with pleasure. Football helps me to pass more easily over the problems from around me and I am glad that he was “back home” tonight! Aleee…aleee…aleee…!!! 😀

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    • Thanks San! Tonight restart UEFA Champions League and this image is a small tribute from me, for this great sporting competition. I know that in India, football is not very popular, but in Europe, we are “maniacs” with this sport, that has a great tradition. Real, Bayern, Barca, Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester, Benfica, Ajax……what great names…..restart tonight “The Most Greatest Football Show”, and I’m happy for this! 😀

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