File 187 – Venice, Italy – Florian Caffe

Florian Caffe 1

Florian Caffe 2



28 thoughts on “File 187 – Venice, Italy – Florian Caffe

    • You can see how looked to me the musicians!? Now I realize that I made a sacrilege! 😦
      Soon I will send you a new collaboration with Nicol! We’ll send you our joy for the beginning of spring season!

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      • Well, it seems we are quite serious because they look just a bit tired. xP
        Thank you for your generosity towards my person, Dan. I know spring throw you is going to be a nice discovering. : )

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    • You know Dalo that Florian Caffe is perhaps the most select and famous cofee bar in the world. If I drink coffee there in every morning, then I could say that I have a great life. Unfortunately I was there just as a tourist! But who knows … maybe in one day I’ll be rich, and … 😀


      • I didn’t know that about the Florian Cafe, but now that I do I really must experience it at least once, and better yet…every day if possible 🙂 I’ll buy you a coffee there!

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      • If you arrive in San Marco Square, you can not bypass the Caffe Florian, because in San Marco Square, you can not sit down anywhere. If you try to placed somewhere immediately appear some kind guards that invites you to get up. Therefore, the only place remains for recreation is famous Caffe Florian! You feel there like at home, because there are many countrymen of yours, which come down from the yacht to drink a coffee! I already try to reserve a parking place for your personal yacht near San Marco Square! I’m waiting you, Dalo! 😀


    • Hello Laura! Florian Caffe, probable is the most select and famous cofee bar in the world. Live music is common, and perhaps for this reason people have other concerns. Florian Caffe is situated in Piazza San Marco and there are many wonderful things that can to attract attention.
      I wish you a beautiful spring season Laura! 😀


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