File 188 – Ilfov District, Romania – Snagov Forest – Snowdrop

    In the area where I live is the spring season by 8 days. The most famous symbol of the beginning of spring in this area, is the snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis). This flourishes since February, by breaking crust of snow, and heralds the imminent approach of spring season. Because of its symbolic force, the snowdrop is very loved by women and is favorite gift these days. Due to intensive gathering of snowdrop, it has become a rare flower in its natural environment. After a long search in Snagov Forest, I managed to capture a few snowdrops in their natural environment. With the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March, I would like to dedicate these pictures to all women who follow this blog, along with the promise that in the future I will try to present images more interesting and more beautiful! 😀

Ghiocel 1

Ghiocel 2

Ghiocel 3



17 thoughts on “File 188 – Ilfov District, Romania – Snagov Forest – Snowdrop

    • Si eu sunt mereu surprins de faptul ca spirite minunate (printre care si dumneavoastra), se opresc din zborul lor, macar pentru o clipa, in acest spatiu virtual, unde eu incerc sa asez cat mai frumos, forme si culori! Fara “aerul” acestor aripi, stradania mea ar fi zadarnica! Va doresc o primavara rafinata si…nobila (ca blogul dumneavoastra)!


  1. Atâta gingășie în statură și culoare deși, n-au apărut din prea mult soare ci, doar din dorul de a se uni cu raza călătoare, eu cred că-i floarea ce iubește și iarna și primăvara. O seară plăcută !


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