File 197 – Gravitational Attraction

Two Moon

38 thoughts on “File 197 – Gravitational Attraction

    • The law of gravitational attraction functioned and attracted your first comment on my blog! For this, I thank you FJ and I say you “welcome to my world of shapes and colors”! I follow with attention your blog and I think that you’re a talented photographer! I hope to be together for a long time in this wonderful virtual world, full of light and color! My name is Dan Cristian and I live on the opposite side of Europe, Romania!

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    • Zece stele de-as avea
      In fotografia mea,
      Sigur ele ar schimba,
      Radical, atractia! 😀

      Multumesc aceastei legi a gravitatiei, care din cand in cand, atrage spirite minunate, in lumea mea de forme si culori! 😀

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    • Thanks for the “astral” comment! The Moon is a universal inspirational symbol. Her light unites our eyes and spirits, wherever we are on the earth’s surface. I’m glad that the Moon’s gravity, drew on “imagynasium (spaces)”, the first comment that came from “implied spaces”! 😀


    • “Arta”!? Maria, acesta este un comentariu pe care si-l imagineaza orice blogger! Eu chiar l-am primit si asta ma face fericit! Dar cred ca este putin nemeritat, deoarece fiind practicant si iubitor de fotbal, era firesc sa ma “joc” putin cu cele doua “mingii”! 😀

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      • No, dacă la tine nu e, nu și gata.
        Dă la moi poza și pune în loc niște mingii 😃😊
        La ce poze amărâte face talentu meu…
        Despre fotbal nu prea cred că am curaj să vb decât cu ai mei colegi, ei mă “acceptă” 😂😃

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  1. Ca un om de nea ratacind prin noapte.. cu capul in nori si cu picioarele pe pamant.. 🙂 prins intr-o lumina calda aurie. Sau poate o minunata.. Snowmoon, stralucind feeric. Mult as vrea sa reusesc si eu cumva, ceva atat de frumos!

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    • Hello Jolandi! It seems that the gravitational attraction of the moon, drew your first comment on my blog! I enjoy it! I want to tell you that I’m interested by history and I noticed over time, that some of your posts, are lessons of history and archeology. Although I liked, I did not comment anything, because my English is not enough evolved, for this. I understand that it takes hard work and passion, for posts like yours and I appreciate that. For my posts is much simpler…just “click”! 😀
      I’ll be close to your blog, with or without my clumsy English! 😀


      • Ah, how heart warming to know. Thank you so much for your kind words, Dan. Sometimes we do not need language to communicate, and that is why I love visiting your blog. Your photographs tell their own unique story. I love the little “like” button on WordPress, as we can indicate that we love and appreciate someone else’s work, without struggling to compose a response in words every time.

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    • Mai intai s(m)-au atras culorile si formele asemanatoare! Potrivirea lor, a fost doar o simpla formalitate! Cred ca pricipalul merit al meu este … titlul! 😀


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