File 205 – The Government Of Romania!? :)

The Government Of Romania


32 thoughts on “File 205 – The Government Of Romania!? :)

      • Haha … Perhaps you are right – Canada is basicly a great place to live. But since we are a relatively new large country compared to European Nations – we just need more time and pressure for the politicians to flesh out their own selfish agendas. I believe that many politicians start out with good ideals and intentions, but unfortunately they have to stay in line with their chosen party. In Canada and British Columbia – there are only 2 parties that have the possibility of winning an election and voting for other parties does not result in equal representation. But that’s all I know about politics here. I have zero knowledge of your political situation.

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      • Believe me … you have to be happy to live in such a quiet country as Canada! However wrong is the political situation in Canada, in Europe it is ten times worse! Interests and divergences are much higher! If I could tell you about the political reality from Europe, you would be amazed! No world war has begun and will not start from Canada, but only from Europe!

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      • Ok. I’m staying put. Let me know when you plan to move here. I will help you find a nice place to live and perhaps a job with the regional water works. And there are pharmacists here too. How hard can it be?

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      • Thankyou for the compliment Mister Imagynasium! You are the first person to ever sympathize with me. You should have sympathy for my poor wife instead. But I know that you are a great Jokenasium too!

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