File 208 – Turkish Stars (Türk Yıldızları)

   Turkish Stars is aerial acrobatics team, of Turkish Air Forces. It is one of the few aerial acrobatics team in the world, that flying with supersonic aircraft and is the only team in the world that can evolve in formation of eight supersonic aircraft. The team was founded in 1992 by pilots from the Turkish Air Force. On 24 August 2001, the Turkish Stars set a world record for spectators, evolving in Baku (Adjebaidjan), in front of over a million of spectators. The show of these sky aces is amazing. They fly with supersonic aircraft Northrop NF-5A, which have maximum speed 1743 km/h (1,4 Mach). For have a term of comparison to appreciate this flying speed, I can tell you that the initial speed of the bullet fired from the pistol, is about 1260 km/h. Their show is not easy to watch. Imagine the airplanes approaching with breakneck speed, flying at an incredibly low altitude, like ghosts without any sound to be heard. After the airplanes had already passed, with a delay of a few moments due to supersonic speed, hear the deafening noise of the powerful turbo-jet engines. This dissociation of images by sound, causing a light sensation of dizziness and imbalance. After eye and ear are accustomed with atmosphere, can to admire a unique air show. I think that I’m not wrong if I say that in these pictures, you can see the most performant formation of aerial acrobatics, in Europe and probably in the world!

Turkish Stars 1

Turkish Stars 2

Turkish Stars 3

Turkish Stars 4

Turkish Stars 5

Turkish Stars 6

Turkish Stars 7

Turkish Stars 8

Turkish Stars 9

Turkish Stars 10

Turkish Stars 11

Turkish Stars 12



9 thoughts on “File 208 – Turkish Stars (Türk Yıldızları)

    • Hello Francis! Sorry for the late response! I missed a few days because of the work. I think there are some great photos, which I am proud! I’m “strong” in airplanes pictures! 😀
      My only regret is that I do not know anything about our friend Tejaswi! He is passionate about airplanes (in his youth was ready to become a pilot) and I hope to see my post. I intend to send them a message and see if it is well!
      I hope you like my posting with “fliers” riders!? In my life I have seen many spectacular things, but what did those motoacrobats, was incredible!

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