File 210 – Heaven

Heaven 1

Heaven 2

Heaven 3

29 thoughts on “File 210 – Heaven

    • Hello Violeta! I apologise for my late answer! The delay is because I am a great lover of football and I follow with carefully the two major competitions that occur during this period, Euro 2016 and Copa America. Daily I see four football matches and that is why, I was rarely present in blogosphere. I follow long time your blog and I know that you have Albanian origins. The word “bukurie” has a Romanian version “bucurie”, which means “happiness”. In Albanian language, probably has the same meaning and characterizes perfect your blog which is full of optimism. It is a pleasant surprise for me to see that my photoblog is among on your preferences. I understand that it’s nomination to participate in a blog game, but unfortunately for me, I do not know the beautiful Italian language and do not fully understand your text.
      I visited Italy (which together with Greece, are my favorites) and I understand some words but not enough to have a dialogue with a native speaker of Italian language. In these circumstances, I regret that I can not participate in the game proposed by you, especially that photography, is my passion (along with football and poetry). Finally, I would ask you to answer at two question : what is your favorite on Euro 2016, Italy or Albania, and what do you think will be the result of the match Romania – Albania (19 June 2016)?
      Warm greetings from Romania! 😀

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      • The football championship Euro 2016 I do cheer for Italy and Albania . As for the game of June 19 Albania – Romans I hope the best man win . I have friends who are of Romanian origin and live in Italy and they are wonderful people . I would visit Romania because it is a beautiful country . A smile ❤️


    • It seems that flowers have a universal message, understood all over the world! I’m glad that I managed to get you some joy with this pictures! Welcome in the blogosphere and in my little space of shape and colors! Warm greetings from distant lands of Eastern Europe!

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