File 211 – Scrovistea Lake, Ilfov District, Romania – Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested Grebe 5

Great Crested Grebe 1

Great Crested Grebe 2

Great Crested Grebe 3

Great Crested Grebe 4

Great Crested Grebe 7

Great Crested Grebe 6


9 thoughts on “File 211 – Scrovistea Lake, Ilfov District, Romania – Great Crested Grebe

    • Hello Maciek! Even if your nice comment does not exist, I would have written anyway, because I want to wish you success for Poland’s team, on Euro 2016. You have a real opportunity to play in the final stages of the competition. You no need to fear about Northern Ireland. It was with us in the the qualification group and is a worthless team. Romania has made equal to Belfast and won easily, 3-0 in Bucharest. But Ukraine is strong and beat recently Romania, with 4-2 in a friendly match.
      Unfortunately I have no hope from the Romanian team. We have the most worthless team in history and presence at Euro 2016 is only circumstantial. Please do not look at the opening match France – Romania, that will be something unpleasant! Imagine that the most valuable Romanian football player, playing in the Segunda División, in Spain, and is the only that plays as holder in Western Europe. I’m afraid that we will not be able to beat not even Albania. In the absence of hopes for the Romanian team, I wish that one of the teams from Eastern Europe to gain qualification for the semifinals. I’ll be supporter for Poland, Ukraine and Russia, three teams with equal value.
      Alleeeeez … Lewandowski … Alleeeeez !!!!! 😀

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      • Thanks for the kind wishes. I am not sure about Poland since our last games are not filling me with optimism. We will see…
        You mentioned that you are not looking forward to Romania playing. Despite your advice, I have watched the first half of the game and I must say that Romania is doing a pretty good job. Strong in defense, good pressing and they were closer to score a goal than the French. Still 45mins to go, but your team has already shown great spirit. Well done!


    • Iubesc Natura, traiesc aproape de ea si instinctual ma “scufund” in frumusetea ei! Inarmat cu tehnologia moderna, uneori ma apropii atat de mult de intimitatile sale, incat resimt un sentiment de vinovatie! Dar experientele traite, sunt de neuitat! In esenta, pentru mine este vorba despre “cautare”, despre incercarea de a intelege “Creatia”, cu uluitoarele ei “taceri”!

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