File 213 – Football Celebration

These days football fans are happy! Euro 2016 and Copa America offers wonderful sports spectacles. There are moments of emotion and moments of football history, which we will remember with pleasure over the years. We can be winners and happy or losers and sad, but it is hard to be indifferent to influence of “King Of Sports”! I had the opportunity to travel through Europe and I found that this macro projects of the European Union, brings together very different people. We have different mentalities, different educational and economic levels, different traditions and religions. Europe is wonderful, especially by its unequaled diversity. So many countries, with very different cultures, in a so small geographically area! The only element that is identical everywhere, is football! The joy to score a goal or a strikeout desperation, they are the same everywhere, even if football is played in last generation equipment or with bare feet!
   Because I’m a lover and a practitioner of this wonderful sport, that in these days bring joy or sadness, in millions of souls from Europe and South America, I make this post as a celebration for this “King Of Sports”! 😀

Fair Play Please

Fair Play Please!

Top Secret

Top Secret?!

Please Do Not Shoot On Me!

Please Do Not Shoot On Me!

Where Is The Ball

But … Where Is The Ball?!

Corner Kick

Corner Kick

Anti Football Army

Anti Football Army

Hey Boys 1

Hey Boys, Leave Football And Watch This! 1

Hey Boys 2

Hey Boys, Leave Football And Watch This! 2

Hey Boys 3

Hey Boys, Leave Football And Watch This! 3

Hey Boys 4

Hey Boys, Leave Football And Watch This! 4


Escape From Romania

Escape From Romania

Football Integration

Football Integration

Futures Majoretes

Juniors & Seniors

Drone Spectator

Drone Spectator

Imminent Goal

Imminent Goal

Robo Foot

Robo Foot

Dynamic Ambiance

Dynamic Ambience

8 & 8 Cheerlanders

8 & 8 Cheerleaders

Her Majesty ... The Queen

Heeer Majesty … The Queeen!



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