File 219 – Olympic Spirit (Flame) Through Time – Part Three – Future

Future Olympic Spirit 1

Future Olympic Spirit 2

Future Olympic Spirit 3

Future Olympic Spirit 4

Future Olympic Spirit 5

Future Olympic Spirit 6


8 thoughts on “File 219 – Olympic Spirit (Flame) Through Time – Part Three – Future

    • It is sad that such pictures may be anywhere in Romania! Whole country is full of industrial ruins! This was the price for joining in the European Union … the destruction of the Romanian economy and transform the country into a market for global corporations!
      Sometime in this factory, hundreds of people working with high technology … now … just a ruin, for my “Olympic Flame”, as you can see!

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    • Sometimes I am watching your blog and I see that you have hundreds of pursuers and comments … I wonder how you deal with that !? ๐Ÿ˜€
      I am proud that you take the time occasionally, to have brief discussions with me! If you like some of my pictures, it matters a lot to me! But I tell you a little secret … there are two things that I’m better than in photography : poetry (I have a poetry blog in Romanian language and regret that you can not understand, to present you) and football (soccer) … did you ever played football !?
      I greet you with love Randall, until the next meeting! ๐Ÿ˜€


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