File 220 – Italy, Verona, Piazza Dei Signori – Statue Of Dante Alighieri

   Dante Alighieri was born in Florence, in 29-05-1265. It is considered the greatest writer of the Middle Ages, and is recognized as the “father of the Italian language and literature”. Besides literary activity, Dante was concerned about politics and philosophy. Due to political complications in which he was involved, is exiled from Florence since 1304. Is hosted in Verona by the Scaligeri Family between 1304 and 1307, after that, lives in Paris and Ravenna. In 1865 citizens of Verona (under the Austrian occupation), decide to celebrate the birth centenary of the great writer, by erecting a statue. The statue was an occasion to claim the Italian origin of Verona, against Austrian domination. Ugo Zennoni, a young sculptor, was hired and he created the first marble statue of the city Verona, which was inaugurated in 14-05-1865.
   After exile, Dante Alighieri never come back in his native Florence. He died in 14-09-1321 by malaria, in Ravenna, where is buried. The Florence expect even today, the returning of great writer to his hometown and keeping a burial place in the Church Of Santa Croce. Only time will know if “Padre Dei Lengua Italiana”, will forgive his fellow citizens and return forever, to home.

Dante Alighieri 1

Dante Alighieri 2

Dante Alighieri 3


5 thoughts on “File 220 – Italy, Verona, Piazza Dei Signori – Statue Of Dante Alighieri

  1. “Iar dacă moartea cea fără cruțare
    Te-a sărăcit de trupul meu, au cine
    Putea să-ți dee altul spre uitare ?

    Dacă-ai pierdut ce trece de la sine ,
    Tu trebuia să te înalți spre cele
    Ce-n veci nu trec când trec în țări divine!..”

    Dante “Purgatoriul” Cantul XXXI

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    • Dante … o flacara spirituala, ce nu a putut fi stinsa, de negura Evului Mediu! Multumesc pentru versuri! Sper sa gasesc candva ragazul, pentru a-l studia cu atentie!
      Cel mai mare dusman al meu este Timpul! Ii iubesc pe cei ce au reusit sa-l invinga!

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    • Verona is a classic destination for tourism in Europe! Before coming to Bucharest, you have to visit Verona! When I was there, Juliet said me, that he expects you, to return after a few hundred years! So, dear friend Dalo Romeo, Juliet was bored! You must go to Verona! 😀


      • Ha, ha ~ Verona here I come!! I will be doing some work in Prague over the next year…and hopefully will be able to jump over to Verona and visit Juliet 🙂


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