File 227 – This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship !




23 thoughts on “File 227 – This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship !

  1. Dacă vreodată va fi să organizezi aici un concurs, poate ca un fel de gală cu fotografii de… aici, să zicem.. pentru alegerea unei embleme Imagynasium, cred că aș vota cu This Is the Beginning of… 🙂 E minunată, culorile se asortează atât de bine și de frumos, și la fel și catifelatele forme de viață, aș spune că e fotografia perfectă pentru… “a blog about love between colors and forms”.

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    • Hello Mithai! I’m glad that you have not forgotten my blog, though you have many concerns. Picture is lucky. Rarely meet two different insect species on the same flower.
      The title is inspired by the final dialogue from famous movie … “Casablanca”! 😀

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      • Of course I haven’t forgotten your blog!! You have been my friend ever since I started my blog😊 Do you remember that post I made in 2nd year of college ‘Ladies and gentlemen the day has arrived’… was about the semester exam starting the next day…..well it all came to a conclusion after I got a job. All these days I was really not able to concentrate on anything….. always like a worry on my mind…….but now that phase is over. I’m very relaxed now, doing things I like…….. spending a lot more time on the blog!! And I’ll keep visiting you regularly, coz its wonderful for me to go through your pictures!!☺
        Still 1 year of college left…….but things are a lotttt less stressful and much more fun now!!😀

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      • Yes absolutely!!☺ Memories are what makes the life worth living!!😃 Creating memories…..only way to enjoy it and live to the fullest!! Thank you for being my friend, happy blogging!!😀

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