File 234 – Dalboka, Bulgaria – The Place Where Mussel Is Queen

   Here in Eastern Europe, where I live, is the last month of autumn, with a gloomy climate. The sky is overcast and the sun, rarely makes its way among clouds. It is time when I remember with nostalgia, about the beautiful summer days, when life pulsates with the maximum rhythm. Today I want to share with you some pictures (memories), about a place where I go sometimes in the summer and where I feel good. Is mussel farm from Dalboka, on the Black Sea coast, in Bulgaria. The farm has a restaurant that is famous in the Black Sea area, among those who love culinary delicacies, made from fresh mussels, or fish. The restaurant is located in an isolated place, with an difficult access road. You will see that it’s not a luxurious place. On the contrary, it is a place with minimalist arrangements (maybe even rudimentary), which will displease definitely, for the people with elevated tastes. Wide range of dishes from fresh mussels and fresh fish at good prices, is a reason to visit this place.
   But for me this place is special, because of its ambience. I still have in memory, the breeze that caressed my hair, the sound rhythmic and soothing of the waves, which break near me, the fresh smell of seaweed and screaming of seagulls, that flying between shore and sea. Isolation and minimalist arrangements, but also prosperous and natural food, creates a sense of communion with nature, that will be hard to forget.
   P.S.  My dear, Black Sea … I miss you!!!

















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