File 246 – Revenge of yellow



6 thoughts on “File 246 – Revenge of yellow

    • Fotogafia este recenta (noiembrie)! Cu cateva luni in urma, aceasta imagine ar fi fost o “explozie” de verde si rosu aprins. In momentul capturii, era doar un ocean gri. Dintr-odata a aparut sticletele! Parea din alta lume! Am avut senzatia ca acel “pumn” de galben, este o revansa a culorilor pierdute. Sau poate o sansa a lor … ultima!

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    • Mister Rob … what can I say … is a surprise for me that a photographer as you, decided to follow my blog. Before anything, I want to apologize for my (non)Oxford(ian) English! I’ve never learned this language in an organized way and all I know is from movies and Google Translate, but I hope it’s enough to be understood by a native speaker of English. I read some of your posts and I was impressed. In real life, I am an engineer and of course, I have some knowledge about light radiation, but I never had the idea to associate this knowledge with passion for photography! I approached photography as a hobby, not a science, but after I saw your concerns, I understand that the potential for development is high. I hope someday to have the time and to study this domain. For now I will following your blog with interest and trying to accumulate knowledge. I feel honored to have you on my blog!

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      • I’m humbled by your message and not sure how exactly to reply however, I can say that language is never half so important as what one says and means. You sir speak plainly and as well as any could. And I thank you sincerely for such a warm message. My passion for digging into the possibilities comes not only from my own desire but from my friend Amar who exudes excitement on the same subject much like a child in a sweet shop. It impossible not to become infected with his exuberance and impatience at trying new things. For sure you can find a link to his email address too if you ever wish for further information if I were not able to help. He’s terribly clever! And a darn nice chap too. As for your work, I am enjoying very much and you have some lovely ideas which I look forward to following (to see where you take them and what else you will produce). Personally I feel it is the duty of every artist or photographer to view as much as we can, acknowledge the talents of others and share ideas. This is a perfect forum for such. I am so happy that you following also, and hope you’ll keep in touch. If you decide to venture into alternative wavelengths.. even more reason to stay tuned. Another little surprise coming – hopefully to be summarised by March-ish! Fingers crossed. Have a great New Year’s Night. Warmest wishes.. Rob.

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