File 250 – Infinite Passion





21 thoughts on “File 250 – Infinite Passion

    • Here, at me, is a hard winter! I went for a walk, with the hope that I can took, even one interesting photo … but … no birds, no insects, no people, no animals … no moving, no life (the temperature was – 16 degrees) … around me, was just an immaculate ocean of snow (60 centimeters thick). I had just shadows … and passion for photography (only a crazy man thinks to take pictures in such conditions … I took in last winter some spectacular photos, on – 21 degrees, but with the “killing” of the photo device)! So, is all I had … shadows and passion … and maybe … a new camera?! 😀
      Warm greetings from the land of ice, Florencia!

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      • Hi there! What a rough winter!! O thought that where I live was cold in winter, but -16 degrees my god!! You’re quite an adventurer leaving the warmth of home to go inside the freezer to take pictures hahaahha. The results were outstanding by the way 😊😊
        Here in Argentina is summer. Luckily were I live, in the South, is not as hot as in the capital of the country (people in Buenos Aires suffer from over 36 degrees increased by the humidity in the air). I’m not quite a hot weather lover, so I find that awful. In spite all that, today is a particularly hot day but happily my city is surrounded by lakes so it makes the wather more tolerable.
        Oh before I forget! I loved your post about Peru! I’ve been there last year and I loved that country. I think that my photo today will be of that trip 🙂
        Well I hope you hear from your friend Francis soon!
        Warm greetings from South America!

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      • I envy you for the journey from Peru!
        Please … can you send me a few degrees of heat, from your summer? When will be the summer to me, I promise to give them back! 😀

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    • Maria … soarele se pregatea sa faca “nani”, apropiindu-se de linia orizontului. Unghiul razelor solare, l-au transformat pe Imagynasium, in ceva de neimaginat … care in viata reala are numele Dan Cristian (iti spun asta, doar ca o eventuala alternativa de echivalenta)! 😀


    • Pretios este zambetul ce ti l-am smuls, Diana! Faci parte dintre cei cativa oaspeti dragi, care sunt alaturi de mine si aici in lumea culorilor si acolo in lumea literelor, unde am comunicat mai des! Salutari lui Astrid! Nu mai zici nimic despre ea!?

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    • Remarcabil faptul ca (mai) ai cunostinta despre acest personaj indigen! Recunosc … este prima oara cand vad, cum se scrie corect! 😀
      Folosesc prilejul sa te felicit pentru fotografia cu ciocanitoarea! Este dificil de facut acea captura cu zoom maxim, (doar) x 14. Ai fost foarte aproape de ea! Era oare domestica?! 😀

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  1. What… how on earth?! Sau ” What? On Earth?!” 🙂 Și vreau să spun, “Ce, cum, de unde pănă… undeee?!” Foarte interesantă, și aparent interminabilă, perspectivă, pasiune cu ascensiune infinită, deci.

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    • Pasiunea … de fapt “nebunia”, este sa faci “sedinta” foto, la o temperatura cu mult sub zero grade! Cat despre (ne)masura umbrelor; aici este doar magia “zeului” solar! 😀


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