File 264 – Ploiesti, Romania – Industrial Inspiration



5 thoughts on “File 264 – Ploiesti, Romania – Industrial Inspiration

    • Hello Maciek! Sorry for the late response, but I was out in weekend. Beyond the problems that it causes by this polluting industry, I have another great sadness. This polluting industry from Romania, is very profitable and was constructed by the Romanian State. After joining to the European Union, in 2007, this entire industry was monopolized through the corrupt policymakers, by international corporations, for modest sums. So we are left with pollution and corporations, are left with huge profits.
      I am curious if to Krakow, is the same situation?!


      • Hmm, actually bit different. The smog we have in Krakow is mostly caused by ourselves, or the Polish mentality if you like. Instead of gas or electric heating we still rely very much on coal. But the worst thing is we would use almost anything for heating houses… trash, painted wood etc. Plus we love diesel and import lots of old cars from the west…

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