File 266 – Constanta, Romania – Looking for faith …


24 thoughts on “File 266 – Constanta, Romania – Looking for faith …

    • Miss Mithai, sorry for the very delayed response, caused by a busiest period in my job! But I would like to rematch, through an interesting little story.
      Constanta is a port city on the Black Sea coast and not to the ocean coast. Constanta is the largest port in the Black Sea area and it was founded in the 7th century BC, by Greek colonists. The city was called Tomis, until 71 BC, when it was conquered by the Romans and was renamed Constantiana (subsequently took over in Romanian language as Constanta), after the name of the sister, of Roman emperor, Constantine the Great (272-337 AD).
      Perhaps you have heard about the story of the Biblical Flood, when Noah with his family and other creatures, were the only survivors of the Flood, in Noah’s Ark, after failing on top of Mount Ararat (on the border between Turkey and Armenia). This biblical story of the Flood, was inspired by real events, that occurred here in the Black Sea area. Initially, the Black Sea area, was a fertile depression, with gently sloping, which had in the middle a large freshwater lake. Due to a mild climate and rich food sources provided by the lake, have developed several centers of civilization, on the fertile land, around the lake. Being a lake formed on the bottom of a geographical depression, the lake water levels were about 200 meters below to the Mediterranean Sea level. After the end of the last glacial period (15000-12000 BC), due to melting glaciers, water levels at global level and implicitly, in the Mediterranean Sea, increased constant. This continuously increase of water levels in Mediterranean Sea, led to the collapse of the Bosphorus Isthmus (7000 BC), that separates saltwater basin of the Mediterranean Sea and freshwater basin, formed in depression of the upcoming Black Sea. The collapse of Bosporus Isthmus, caused a catastrophic flooding of the civilizations that have developed on the shores of freshwater lake. This was the story of the Black Sea forming and for born of the Biblical Flood myth.
      I hope you liked my little story (in fact it is a scientific truth) and excuse my imperfect English language!

      P.S. I do not know if the monk photographed by me, knew the story of the Black Sea forming and the born of Biblical Flood myth, but looks like a mystical ancestral instinct, whispers in his ear, that the spirit of the last pre-Flood Patriarchs (Noah), it is still there, somewhere in the sea horizon.

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      • No problem at all! I totally understand, I too got over my exams ☺☺ Thank you so much for sharing this historical as well as the geographical account with me, I have always wondered what inspired the tale of Noah! Geography always seemed tough to me so thank you once again for explaining it so elaborately! And your English is perfect, I also try to improve on it learning things from the blog☺☺ Hope your weekend was an enjoyable one, lots of best wishes for the week ahead!!😊😊

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      • Haha English is also not my first language so I won’t be able to make out the subtle differences….. but as long as it’s easy to read and understandable it’s perfect to me LOL!😊 But I really like your style of writing, its got a serenity and rhythm to it, its truly beautiful to read!☺☺

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      • English is not your first language!? This is a surprise for me! But at least, for you English is the second language. For me, the second language is actually the first language (Romanian), accompanied by signs of hands and fingers! πŸ˜€
        So you’re in advantage! I had bad luck … Englishmen have never conquered Romania! πŸ˜€

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      • Sorry for the late reply, we had our project submissions this week!! Hectic but fun!!☺☺
        Well the Chinese are doing so well with limited vocabulary of English, so nothing is really a challenge as long as you learn to work around itπŸ˜€ But yeah English in India is comparatively better practiced than many countries. It’s coz India is a huge country and thus the Global exposure is also very big! So for trade relations with other countries English acts as a medium. But for small countries around the world here and there, English is not that important…… every country has its own way of working and concentration of skills!πŸ˜€ Not just the British, there were the Mughals, the French, the Portuguese……. they all wanted a piece of India πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ I guess it’s due to the moderate climate and the fertility of crops and minerals that makes it an ideal place for many but along with its share of theft and tragedies many different cultures have definitely left its mark…… which probably made adaptation and contribution to the world Technology easier for the Indians πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        You got nothing to worry about lol!πŸ˜‚ No country is really at an advantage or disadvantage, every country works according to its capability, size and resource…… and everything works out just fine for everyone ☺☺

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      • Thank you because have written me a message so extensive! Although I am far from you, it is easy to understand that behind sunglasses and lipstick, was a remarkable intelligence! I see that you are very young, but you have a very mature thinking. I regret that not express myself easy in English! I’m sure that we could talk about many interesting things about the different worlds in which we live. Fortunately, beyond of these short messages, there is a universal language of beauty, expressed through my photos. These images speak better than words, about my world and about me. I only regret that you do not speak through the pictures!

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