File 288 – Story From The Green Universe


27 thoughts on “File 288 – Story From The Green Universe

  1. Great shot ~ not sure I’ve seen a dragonfly this color… I hope the summer is going well for you. I’m back in Seattle now, but will be back in the Czech Republic for a bit and I hope Romania soon! Enjoy my friend!

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      • You got that right! We’d never get any work done!! BTW – I’m curious – what’s your occupation? (seriously) I’m the Facilities Manager for a Christian School and we have 5 children – now adults and mostly married – who still talk to us!

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      • Mister Hofmann, I’m glad because you tell me these things, about you! In the meantime, I have perceived you, as a joyful and communicative person! Now I will feel closer to you, even if we split by an ocean and two continents. In fact, what separates us most, is language, not space!
        I will gladly to say a few things about myself, but within the limits of a language, that I do not know well. About what I look, you can see on my blog’s presentation page (About). I live in Ilfov District (the area surrounding the capital Bucharest), near the Snagov Forest and Lake Snagov. My profession is engineer of water installations. I work at the public company, that manage public water networks in Ilfov District. Because Ilfov District is an intensely populated area, the public water company is divided into three operative zones; East, West, and North. I am the “big boss” of the North Operational Zone. My wife is a pharmacist and I have a 12-year-old girl. Now, beyond the virtual identity of you, there is a real person, who I am honored to begin to know!
        With great respect, will greet you from the distant lands of Eastern Europe, Dan Cristian!

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      • Thanks so much for sharing Dan! You are awesome! Your language is no barrier – English is good! I’ve used Google Translate too to communicate with a couple other bloggers. You have a very important job – good clean water supply is the lifeblood of a well functioning community. How many people do you manage? What’s the population of Bucharest and Ilfov District? I look forward to doing more joking with you – but you must let know when I get too silly!

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      • Officially, Bucharest has 2,500,000 residents, but the real population (in the metropolitan area) is about 3,500,000. Ilfov District has a population of approximately 400,000 inhabitants. Some of them are my everyday care!
        Too silly … never … maybe … too s(ma)illy (Ooopsss … incorrect English) !!!! 😀

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      • Thanks too s(ma)illy Paul! Vancouver area is about 2 million. About 4 million for all of the Province of British Columbia. So I represent
        .00000025 of BC population. But I am the only MichaelHoffmannPhotography – so I feel pretty special!

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    • Multumesc Nicol! Este o fotografie “muncita”, pentru care a trebuit sa intru “la firul ierbii”! Este doar o captura, a uneia din miliardele de intamplari, din “oceanul verde”! Exista un potential artistic in aceasta imagine, pe care l-am dorit si in titlu si din acest motiv nu am definit “stiintific”, insecta respectiva. Totusi, pentru conformitate, trebuie sa mentionez ca “fiinta”, nu este un flutur delicat … este “gandacul frunzelor de cereale” (Oulema Melanopus)! In esenta este un “daunator”, combatut temeinic cu insecticide, dar in aceasta imagine, pare un “angel radios” in stare de gratie, asemuit pe drept, cu un flutur suav! “Oceanul verde”, are si el “minunile” sale! 😀


    • In primul rand, “La Multi Ani!”, de ziua numelui!
      Film!?!?!? Iata o provocare interesanta! Iti marturisesc ca ma gandesc uneori la asta! Chiar am facut cativa pasi in acest sens … doua (scurt metraje) proiecte de diploma (pentru prieteni), care a(m)u primit nota 10. Ador arta cinematografica si mi-ar face placere sa incerc cate ceva in domeniu. Problema este timpul … editarea video este mare consumatoare de timp! Orice as face in domeniul video, ar fi in detrimentul fotografiei! Grea decizie pentru mine! Daca totusi voi gasi resurse pentru o “productie” decenta, promit sa fi printre primele persoane, care o vor viziona!


      • Am văzut precizia, doar cine este într-o relație perfectă cu obiectivul și imaginea surprinsă, deține secretul. Ideea că ai putea face un film mi-a trecut prin minte privindu-ti cu atenție fotografiile. Tot ce înseamnă artă ma pasionează, chiar dacă nu dețin secretul, sau nu am talent. Tu rezonezi cu natura, cu universul. Se vede, se simte. Poate ai dreptate, ai nevoie de timp, dar sunt convinsă că vei reuși. Nu lăsa visul să dispară.
        Oricum, e minunat ce faci !
        Noapte faină, Imagynasium! 😊

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