File 294 – Genova, Italy – House Of Christopher Columbus

   Everyone who sees this house where Christopher Columbus was born (1451), observe a discrepancy between the modesty of the house and the greatness of the facts, of the great explorer! In a metaphorical sense, it can say that in this little house, was born the big New World (1492), which starting by 1507, it will be called America!


9 thoughts on “File 294 – Genova, Italy – House Of Christopher Columbus

  1. Just looking at this photo, I can imagine the history of the place…what it must have been like all those centuries ago. I think you taking the photo at night add to the feeling of history and mystery. I like this house…I wonder how much it would cost to rent 🙂 ??

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    • It is normal for you to have affinity for this house … a small part of your historical destiny, like an American, has gone through this house! Without this house and without the boldness of the man who was born in this house, you would probably have been “neighboring” with me in Europe! 😀
      I have documented and the house can be rented, but not for money … you just need to discover a new continent! 😀


  2. Some interesting facts on Christopher Columbus – so that house is 500 yrs old!! The oldest house in Vancouver area is probably not more that 100 years old. Are folks allowed inside? Wondering what it looks like. Why don’t you sneak inside sometime and show us some more cool images.

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