File 445 – Naples, Italy – Porto Di Napoli

13 thoughts on “File 445 – Naples, Italy – Porto Di Napoli

    • Thanks for appreciation … I am glad that this appreciation, comes from a person who is familiar with the beauties of Italy! It is a successful photo, because I had the good light and Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe … whole my life I would like to return there … I hope someday this wish will come true! 😀


      • I wish you could make it. It is a difficult city, a very peculiar one. It is easy to hate it and easy to love it! It is not for everybody, but when it happens and love comes it lasts forever, just like in your case 😍 yes, maybe the light was good and lots of other factors but there is something in that shot that speaks about you and your way of approaching this beautiful city☺️ once again, congrats! 💪😊

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      • I saw Naples, through the eyes of a tourist … of course, I noticed the poverty in some neighborhoods, the large number of emigrants and I know that life is not easy in the south of Italy, but I was there for history, architecture and art! As a tourist, can choose to see only the beautiful things … from this point of view, Naples can proudly stand, next to Venice or Florence!
        In Italy, there are 60% of the artworks of humanity and Naples has a significant contribution to this percentage!
        I do not know if destiny will take me again to Naples … I forgot the ugly smells of the city, but I will never forget the beauty of the churches, the intimacy of the narrow streets, the variety of architectural styles, the colors of the city and the threatening grandeur of Vesuvius!
        Thank you again, because this short dialogue, made me to remember with nostalgia, about the beautiful moments spent there!
        I am happy that I got there, at least for having fulfilled that universal principle, wich says “Vedi Napoli e poi muori”! 😀
        P.S. I envy you, because you live in such a beautiful country! 😀


      • Nooo, I am afraid that my answer has been canceled! I was wishi g you to go back there and found it even better. It happened to me after a 10 years absence and when I visited it again after all these years it wowed me! It was beautiful before and it will always be, but there are still margins for improvement… And I was also saying that I am no longer living in Italy, since 10 years, but that I always come back there with pleasure ☺️

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      • Sorry … I remember that you told me once, about not living in Italy, but I forgot, because we rarely communicate! I hope that I will be remembered in the future! 😀


  1. There is something in your words as well that speak about the love for that city and I am so glad that someone could see it in all of his magnificence! Some Italians cannot perceive its beauty and I find it is really a pity. We have such a jewel and we don’t appreciate it!
    I was surprised that you knew the say “vedi Napoli e poi muori!”, it made me smile, because it was exactly what I told my self last time that I have been there, from Vomero, looking down to the rest of the city 😍

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