File 455 – Pobiti Kamani, Bulgaria – Stone Forest


3 thoughts on “File 455 – Pobiti Kamani, Bulgaria – Stone Forest

    • I greet you warmly, Francis … I’m glad to see that you’re still present in the blogosphere, even if you haven’t posted for a long time … this is a sign that you are somehow doing well in your world! I can tell you that I am healthy, but I have less free time … I was absent from the blogosphere for a few months and I can hardly find time to play football at least once a week! This is because of my job … maybe you remember that my profession is installation (of water) engineer … I work for the company that provides public water supply and sewerage services, in the Ilfov district (administrative territorial area, which surrounds the capital Bucharest, the fifth largest city in the European Union, after Berlin, Madrid, Rome and Paris) … I am “the boss” for the operative service in the northern part of the Ilfov district and this implies a great responsibility … it is about many localities, with tens of thousands of public service users and with intense economic activity. I have been working in this position for many years, I have gained a lot of experience and I have gone through many difficult moments in time, but it has never been harder than now, in the context of the pandemic. The world has gone crazy since spring, when the pandemic started! Since then, the “state of emergency” has been established and our lives have changed … in the context of the pandemic, the functioning of public services is vital and my mission is difficult … practically this occupies me all the time … this is the reason why I didn’t have time, to post on the photography blog!
      I pray to God, for return to a normal life!

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      • Here services are in emergency too, for a time there were blackouts and parts of the water supply require much time to rebuild. Bucharest,BucureČ™ti, of course is big and we your readers know about haw it looks in the year. I hope coming here is not stressing, dear friend. Wishing you well, and a soon return to normality, while some persons have no much way to work, others instead has to duplicate their load, which I see is your case :S Good luck, Dan.

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